Why is World Environment Protection Day celebrated

This day is celebrated every year on 26 November to take positive steps in the context of maintaining environmental balance and making people aware.This day is organized by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).For the last nearly three decades, it is being felt that at present the biggest problem at the global level is related to the environment. It is worth noting in this context that about ten global environmental treaties and about a hundred regional and bilateral negotiations and agreements have been concluded.All these conferences have been done in the light of the 1992 United Nations Environment and Development Programme, the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.The conference held in Rio de Janeiro was a very important point in the context of international environmental conventions and policies.

There are two such tasks which have been deeply considered and implemented at the global level. In which the first is the development of the economy and the second is the protection of the environment.A Commission on Sustainable Development (Commission on Sustainable Development) was established under the United Nations mechanism.

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Many natural resources on earth have been destroyed due to human activities.Keeping this context in mind, many governments and countries have concluded many agreements regarding their protection and proper exploitation. Such agreements have started in the countries of Europe, America and Africa since the 1910s. Many similar agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol, Montreal Protocol and Rio Convention come under the category of multinational agreements. At present, new standards are being adopted in the context of environmental issues in European countries like Germany. For example, ecological tax and many action steps to protect the environment and standards related to reducing the speed of their destruction etc.


The main objective of the Kyoto Protocol is by the developed countries by the year 2012.The target has been set to achieve a level of 5% less than the level of greenhouse gases in 1990.

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Similarly, a provision has been made in the Montreal Protocol to restrict the production of substances that destroy the ozone layer.Keep in mind that in the year 1998 in Montreal, the target was set to achieve the production of 12 such substances in the world. Which were promoting pollution as well as harming the environment.

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

UNEP is the primary international environmental agency whose primary objective is to review environmental conditions not only but also to promote environmental cooperation.
This organization plays an important role in the exchange of information related to and the importance of the environment at the international level. In 1997, at the United Nations General Assembly, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl talked about amending the provisions of the United Nations Charter. Along with this, the issue of including sustainable development under the main objectives of the United Nations was also raised. . Apart from this, the strategy of establishing global reconciliation in this context by environmental organizations was considered the focal point of UNEP.

Integration of the global economy with environmental protection.  [1]
In the context of environmental security and coordinated development of the global economy, it is very important that there is a sustainable development of international business activities. In this context, many laws and regulations on environmental issues have been developed by the World Bank and the World Trade Organization. Several strategies have been adopted by the World Bank on environmental issues. Also, all its members have been updated in this regard.

International financial institutions place great emphasis on reducing the impact of human activities on the environment.

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation of the United Nations has made its point of view that under the Montreal Protocol Every activity involving the production of banned chemical substances that deplete the ozone layer and other international No financial support will be given for activities that hinder the development of environmental programs.At present the market for environmental toxins is flourishing on a huge scale. The Kyoto Protocol calls upon developed nations to implement Demanding to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. Which is also helpful in increasing the demand for technology promoting renewable energy sources.This type of technology is also known as Green House Technique. Developing nations also have access to this technology.Looking at these developed nations with hopeful eyes.

Many environmental non-governmental organizations raise international environmental issues, especially in the context of developed nations. With all They also keep making them realize their responsibilities. Apart from this, international financial organizations have established their offices where The civic community can not only share their issues and problems related to the environment with each other but can also raise their voice.

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