why does lightning strik..? Why is sound found in sky,,,?

In summer, sea water evaporates and rises up .when the water there rises up in the form of steam Then the height of each 165 m The temperature of the atmosphere decreases by 1 degree Celsius And when the water here rises after becoming steam, it takes the form of small pieces here.From which it is seen that there is a possibility of snow falling in the sky many times.These snows start colliding with each other due to wind Collision causes friction and this friction produces a static current There are two types of charges found in current, a positive and a negative charge.Positive charge always goes up and negative charge always goes down Now or negative charge finds it in the pull of positive charge And in the ground, it acts as a positive charge in a storm.The sky’s negative charge gets absorbed in the positive charge of the ground, only we get lightning or thunder.

• The voltage of sky lightning is called 10000000 ie 100 mega voltage electricity.
• The current in sky lightning is 10000 ampere current
• In the sky lightning fits from 27000 to 30 thousand degree Celsius, it is very hot.
• Lightning time is very short or falls to 0.0005 seconds i.e. mini seconds so it cannot pose much danger.

  • Why is sound found in sky lightning?
    Due to the high temperature of the sky, when or when it collides between the balls of water falling from the sky, it falls.And here the water remains cold due to the atmosphere of the atmosphere and the hotter thing collides with the colder thing.Due to which due to the heating of the sky lightning and the cooling of the water due to the atmosphere, a kind of rattling and collision is created in it, due to which a type of sound is produced.

how to avoid lightning
To avoid lightning falling from the sky, a scientist named Benjamin Franklin Lightning Road was built This conductor is made of copper We keep this conductor above the house or not on the roof and ground it by a thick wire whenever lightning strikes in it.Grounds the lightning of the sky here The ground which is a charge is a lion or absorbs any kind of electric charge Benjamin Franklin said that if you want to avoid the lightning of the sky, then you must ground it soon.otherwise or can take a fatal form for you it can do you a lot of harm for a few moments but it will hurt you.
What are the things we have to be careful about when lightning strikes?
1. One should not talk to anyone in a mobile phone because mobile phones are connected to the tower so the electricity rushes towards the mobile phone.
2. The society should never stand in front of trees falling by lightning.Because trees are connected to the ground and lightning always finds a way to be grounded.And trees and plants get wet due to rain and they are connected to the ground which is considered a good conductor of a ground.Due to which the sky lightning quickly falls on the trees and plants.
3. Lightning falls very fast in an empty field, if you are running in an empty field, then you stop there and sit on the ground so that you have less surface area to avoid lightning.
4. Never hold the iron rods while the sky is falling
5. One should not stand near a pond or sea or river while lightning is falling.Lightning is generated due to the collision of cloudsThere are three types of lightning
1. intra cloud lightning
A cloud is a group of photos, whenever there is a dispute between these small groups, it generates a positive or negative charge in the purse, due to which a lightning is generated in which the sound is generated. doesn’t happen.www.pixabay.com

2.cloud cloud lightning When a large cloud group collides with another cloud, then it is of very large size and in this process a very fast sound is produced, mostly this is the lightning we get to see.

3.cloud ground lightning This lightning finds its way from the cloud to the ground Or lightning generates a very terrible sound, it is also called thunderbolt

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