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Today’s modern technocratic intellectuals have to take care of the youth when their elders And when parents press on eating outside food, then their simple question comes, what is the harm in it.We do not order food from any inferior thread but good restaurants through these apps.



What are the effects of eating outside on your health?
The amount of phthalates has been found to increase in the body of frequent outside eaters.phthalates plastics are a group of chemicals used in food packaging and processing.A chemical that reaches the body through food causes an imbalance of hormones.Due to this, many diseases arise in the body.In a research published in Environment International General, a study was done on people eating at home and outside.phthalates know knowlevels were found to be 35% higher in those who ate restaurant food than those who ate at home.The amount of this disease is found in excess in junk food like burger sandwich etc.This research, conducted jointly by the George Washington University of California, also revealed that The bad effect of growing disease was also seen on the fertility of men and women.Various types of diseases arise from outside food, due to this type of disease, many types of diseases arise in our body and the body keeps getting weak, the body’s ability to live decreases.

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How to ensure cleanliness outside food
Sanitation of food ordered from outside can never be ensured as outside food is prepared in huge quantity If the utensils used in cooking and serving, fruits, vegetables, spices etc. are not clean, then the attack of farmers can make you sick.If the food is not clean, there can be a risk of stomach infection and food poisoning.Nowadays chemicals and pesticides are used to grow most vegetables and fruits.which are very harmful to health They contain bacteria called List Area.In such a situation, if vegetables and fruits are not groomed properly, there is a possibility of diarrheal disease.In many places, even clean water is not used, due to which water-borne diseases like water-borne diseases are caused by the use of contaminated water.There is an increased risk of getting typhoid hepatitis etc. The same home-cooked food can easily take care of hygiene.

How to check the cleanliness of oil used for cooking
What brand of cooking oil is used and how many times the same oil has been used It also has a profound effect on health Often in restaurants the leftover oil is used until it runs out Which is very harmful for health, doing so increases many diseases related to stomach.At home, you can choose the quantity or brand of oil according to you.The type of oil and spices that are used at home in cooking, we use it according to our taste and after reading its cleanliness.But in hotels and restaurants, such things are not taken care of, they do not use the item until their used item is over.

Any food you order from outside has high sugar and salt content.The use of angel protector increases the amount of salt to make the food last longer.Also, the more processed the food, the more sugar there is in many fast food packaged food and Chinese food etc.ie monosodium glutamate is added The amount of sodium in it is high, due to which there is a headache and allergy problems, and we start feeling dizzy.have to do

how food is prepared for maximum sale
Food is made more and more sales, so food is made spicy and spicy, what is its effect on health, dude, without poor oil and spices are used Due to the consumption of calorie-rich food in this language, the problem of obesity and high cholesterol is being seen in every household.Greasy or spicy food invites type 2 diabetes It has been seen in a research that the risk of type 2 diabetes in those who eat outside food 2 or more times a week is 15% higher.According to experts in honey, food must be made for excess and perfection cannot be saved by the digestive system.That is why putting more pressure on the number gives rise to blood sugar and diabetes in the elephant’s body.Outside food is eaten more because of its spicy and it is also liked This ruins your plan to lose weight and reduce obesity.Companion gas and flatulence disease is available for free

The stomach is filled by eating outside, but the body does not get nutrition at all, due to which the quality is negligible.The body’s immunity starts to weaken, the body is always surrounded by tired, stress and laziness.It is difficult to say how long ago the outside food was prepared, only stale food is not injurious to health.If food is kept uncovered, it is also as harmful as poison.

How hot and how cold should outside food be eaten?
According to the guidelines of the Department of Food Safety, it is advisable to eat hot food at a temperature of at least 63°C or above to avoid farmers and shops The same cold foods should be eaten at less than 5 °C.It is not possible to control this temperature when food comes outside.By the way, one should not eat non-vegetarian food at all, it is harmful at every level of physical, mental, social, economic, natural and moral.But still those who are so slave to their mind that they cannot live without eating it.They should know that the non-vegetarian food imported from outside adds to the list of disadvantages.Sometimes the meat is not cooked properly to make a quick meal.Self meat contains meat-warm bacteria, etc., which cause many problems in the stomach. Raw meat and uncooked eggs can also contain salmonella bacteria.toxin

Nowadays most of the girls of young age have diseases like thyroid, irregular menstruation and PCOD.According to doctors, these diseases often occur in women after the age of 40.But due to excessive use of outside food, nowadays girls and women are carrying these diseases in their body at a young age.Eating outside food not only causes physical harm but it also increases mental stress.Who has prepared the food in what spirit what is the ethics of the cook It has a profound effect on our mind A true incident in this context is very touching.Once a gentleman is put in jail by mistake, he loved his mother very much, but from the first day in jail, he started having a daily dream that he was killing his mother.This happened not once but continuously for several days.The person started living in Bihar. Coincidentally, at the same time, she was doing research on the mental state of an NGO prisoners.The NGO started investigating the reasons for this, then the fact that came out surprised everyone.In fact, at that time in the jail, the one who had the duty of cooking food He was serving a sentence for the murder of his mother While preparing the food, the waves of thoughts seen in the food served in the food that the food became poisonous till the dream of that innocent person has such a mental effect on the feelings of the cook.

And there is no debate in this that how pure the mother sister wife cooks food in the house.Where restaurant employees make cluster meals out of compulsion with the goal of earning only Cooking food for you by the people of the same house is not greed but love.You must have also felt one of the above mentioned side effects of eating outside food.And if you have done more than one then definitely you need to be cautious, let us tell you some statistics of these side effects.



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