What is the right way to write a good article


Today we will give you information about such a topic.What people want to know a lot about And these are the people who have just started blogging And want to make a career in the field of blogging

How to become a blogger.?
Blogging is a free and one such way to earn money In which you yourself are the boss, in this you have no boss that can tell you what to do how to do it and when You are your own boss in this profession And in this profession you get complete freedom on your work.That’s why today’s youth prefer to make a career in blogging.so that he can work on his own Although blogging like other professions also takes a lot of hard work.And it is beneficial to spend a lot of time in it Blogging takes patience That’s why you have to keep working continuously keeping faith in your ability until you get success to set up your blog what is most important that’s your first blog post Because when a reader comes to your blog post .First he will see your content, on which topic you have what have you written That’s why you need to be successful in blocking you should know that what and how you need to write in your block.
What is the right way to write a good article?.

If this question bothers you too You will get the right information about it in this blog post We are sure that you will definitely get the answer of your question So first of all it is important to know that

What are the things needed to write a good blog?
When a new blogger creates his block then the next step is Writing a post for a block, also called an article

What is this blog post actually?
on many different topics in any block article that is written That’s what we call block post
in a blog post
A content is written in the form of text images graphics or video No matter what purpose you created the block For personal work or business The content of your block plays an important role in the success of the block.The first post of a block indicates that About which topic information is going to be found on that blog?Like Technology Gadgets Review Support Health Education Entertainment Science Blogging or Internet etc.
Write your block on any topic you want But you just have to take care of one thing that after reading your first post make the reader wish that He comes back to your blog after reading your post And don’t go back disappointed Get the information the user wants in your block need to work like this Only then your blog post will rank on the first page in Google.and will come up in google search Due to which a lot of traffic will start coming to your blog.

So let’s know how to write articles on blogging?

People do their planning before making their blog.First of all, on what and on what topic will you write the article?And but when it comes time to write We don’t know how to start?What information to give, what to write in the end and in how many words will our article be or should be All these problems start to arise You must have done many types of research before making a block.And you know very well that Google gives them the article Tops search engines whose content is unique Simultaneously long means that it is in more words For this, while writing an article to a blogger in the initial days have to suffer a lot That is why today we have some necessary tips to reduce your troubles.have brought Using which you will be able to write a good and interesting article And will be able to play the role of a good blogger

fun tips for writing an article
Before writing any article, you have to choose such a topic.whose true volume is high about which very few people have written Or to write on a topic whose search volume is very high, but no article has been written about that topic yet.

what is search volumes ?

Search volume means the topic about which people search more There are some websites where it is available for free on any topic.Can find out search volume like SE MRUSH, GOOGLE KEYBOARD PLANNER And so on You can find the search volume of any topic by visiting the BIN website.What percentage of people search on that topic every day Together it has been told that on that topic Competition is hi medium or low If the competition for that topic will be high then your article. So will not be able to rank quickly in Google because there are already big blocks on top of that have written articles that's why you better Select the topic with medium or low volume search Which also has search volume and write articles.



After selecting the topic, you have to It is necessary to find the related keyboard So that you can put their word in your article Can use the website to search for keywords

You have selected the topic and also select the keyboard related to it Now it’s time to get complete information about that topic.By the way, you will choose the same article about which you have knowledge.But gather more information related to it it is beneficial for you So that you can provide complete information about it in your article.For this, you need five to six articles related to that topic.have to read from another block Here you have to keep one thing in mind that You don’t have to copy paste their article but to get information from them And then understanding it in a unique way in your own words have to write So that the user likes and gets information while reading your article

After collecting all the information related to the topics You have to structure your article so what will be your main heading what will be the sub headings after that and where to give what information write everything one after the other in simple form So that people like to read the article And also got a lot Anmolk.com

Keep in mind one thing that before writing the main heading, you should It is important to write the introduction of your post You keep the intro from 5 to 7 lines only.so that people will understand About which topic is given in this article?You have to find a keyboard in your topic by searching use it here Must write main heading after introduction then write all headings For example, suppose your main heading is what is Computer?So all your headings will be Computer History computer parts generation of computer ETC
Make sure to use the keyboard related to the post And put its keyword in bold so that your tick will appear on Google page easy to rank Now here comes the question that you .-Groww app.in-should keep your article how many words should be written No criteria have been issued for this But many researches have shown that Google or all other search enginesA post written in 600 to 2000 words give more preference That is why it would be good that you must write your article in 600 words.

After writing the article completely, you will also have to put an image in your post.that should be related to your content Image is to use the free issues you have on your post have to use it Otherwise there will be a copyright issue on your blog.That is why you have to use some such websites for free images on your blog.Where to download your images for free You can download the image for free and no copyright You can use these websites On the PixabayPixabay , PixalPixal In website you can can download images for free


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You have written your article, you just have to publish it And to reach your content content to as many audiences as possible You have to share your written article on social mediaIf this question bothers you too

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