NRI i.e. Non-resident Indian A person who is not living in India, we call him a non-resident Indian.
The person who goes abroad for any job education or business purposeIf it remains 6 months or more, then it is called NRI. whether citizenship is issued or given.
Many people have come to NRI in India like people of Kerala Sikh people of Punjab In foreign countries you must have seen that many people of Kerala and Sikh people of Punjab are running their business that NRI are called…also read
This is India’s native land and native land, but they work abroad or have settled there.
NRI plays a huge role in our country to maintain the economy of our Country
NRI People play a huge role for India’s income source and its economy, and our India does nothing to be a country.
There is a provision in the constitution of our country for NRIs, their income is not taxed, they can send whatever money they earn, they do not get tax.Because those people work to play a very good economy role for our country.
A NRI people can also cast their vote, we call their vote proxy vote, for this no provision has been made yet, but in the coming time, it may happen that if there is voting in our country of India, then also vote from NRI.

What is the identity of NRI
Without a passport you cannot leave your country and you cannot do anything in any country and citizenship of any country, for this you will need a password in another country.You need a passport to go to another country, isn’t it the biggest identity of opinion.

what is PIO
Persons of Indian Origin are called those whose place of origin and their parents are residents of India, but they go abroad and do their own business there.They have settled their home after getting married and their children have also got the citizenship of the same, they have also become citizens there, they are called PIO.

PIO card is issued only to those whose parents are of Indian origin and they want to come to India, for that the Government of India has issued PIO card In this card, they do not get the citizenship of India, but they are given a kind of civil fundamental right by the PIO card, on the citizenship here.There was a big problem for them These people can go and roam anywhere in India but they have to tell their location after every 6 months by going to the regional office.
By going to the Foreign Regional Registration Office here, they have to tell them full about their location and purse on their Jobs
The biggest problem for these people was that despite being a native of India, they could not vote in the country of India and could not contribute to any big official post or government job.But in the year 2015 it was abolished and a new rule was implemented in its place.An OCI card issued under this new rule.

What is OCI Card
Overseas Citizen of India Inn also has a passport-like card, here the card is not given to the person who is from Pakistan or Bangladesh or any other country because if this card is issued to them.So here its miss use will start, that’s why it was banned.

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