what is the market what are the things found in ,?

Market is the place where goods are bought and sold, there are many types of things in it, you will find all kinds of things in the market.
There are permanent markets in cities which starts every day with the day and closes at night but in villages this is not the case.

There are no permanent markets in the village and they are not held daily, they are held once or twice a week, in many villages there is only one market which is weekly.
Rural market is usually held in open space which is like a big time donation.It is found in the market at such a place where people come and go, the movement of transport is very high.On the day of the market, there is increased activity in the village, traders in the surrounding towns bring their goods to the market to sell.Villagers are also selling you bring your goods Village farmers bring some of their vegetables and goods and commodities to sell Some sellers have shops, but most of them sit on open land and open roof ie under the sky with their material.
There are different queues for different items, different queues are held for different types of goods, they are divided according to the group and there are different types of shopkeepers and sellers and buyers.Luxury and pleasant things are not found in rural markets.Only essential items come for sale such as agricultural implements, utensils for cooking, coarse clothes and shoes Simple Stationery Edible Vegetable Compost Seeds Etc.
Snake charmers and quacks engaged in their work are common sights of rural markets, and many people discuss their wares due to the sour crowd in the markets. run a variety of exhibitions
Growth and youth markets gather in distant villages they eagerly await this day Leaves eager to buy necessities and sell what they produce Rural market is full of dust and noise or remains overcrowded because there is weekly market or it is not permanent Everyone talks loudlyo there is a lot of bargaining, even after a lot of negotiations, no one is sure whether the deal will break, there are different types of deals and their prices on different types of materials.

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For the villagers, the market is not just a place of buying and selling, it is also a meeting place for them. People living in distant villages meet each other here, they also discuss things related to family and village.Sometimes get absorbed in wake up and then forget other things Once my grandfather went to the market to get some stuff, he left home early in the morning and returned home empty handed at night Still he was looking happy, he even got my younger sister married, just imagine, he went to the market for the same.In the rural market, people from many neighboring villages meet with each other and reveal their point of view about what happened in their village, what went right, what went wrong, it acts as a kind of communication..
The rustic market is a boon for the villagers This is the place where they are able to get the things they need, otherwise they have to go to a distant city, it means a waste of time and money, or it is the countryside market where they can make their own home. Can sell items and meet your needs
In the rural market, you will get many types of things, according to your need, you will also get food items there, it is very cheap and easy.

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