What is share market

In today’s topic, you will get some general information about the stock market, who does not want to earn money in this world, money plays a very important role to fulfill the needs of human beings Without money we cannot live our life and to earn money, we also have to invest some capital, the stock market works like a business, so investing it without thinking is a foolish act.If you also want to invest your money in share market First of all take information about him because many people are without  __what is the share ____marke knowledge.They invest their money in the stock market and come in the hope that they double their money overnight.But he leaves his money with the witness If we have money we can get whatever we want without money we get nothing if we have money Everything is there because without money neither we can fulfill our need nor our dream Without money our dream remains a dream That’s why money plays a very big role in our life.If you have money, you have respect, family, friends and relatives.without money you have nothing
Which is the place where we can invest our money and earn good profit We can earn good profits by investing our money in the stock market if we have the right information about it.There are many ways to earn money in the world out of which some people do jobs or some do business But nowadays your need is fulfilled by a job.Dreams don’t come true by working If you want to fulfill your dream then invest your money in share market from today itself.And today I will give you some general information about the stock market.Knowing whose knowledge you can invest your money in the stock market The stock market is a place from where the shares of many private and government companies are bought and sold daily.The stock market fluctuates daily When you buy shares of a company in the stock market So you get the share of that company as much as the percentage you buy the shares.which means that If the company benefits in future you will also benefit If the company suffers loss in future then you will also have to bear the loss.as easy as making money it’s easy to make money
Because every day there are ups and downs of buying and selling in the stock market.That is why we should invest our money wisely in the stock market.

What is the share market.?

What do you need to invest in the stock market?
• savings passbook of a bank
• pan card
• for aadhar card proof
• a demat account

Now we will know what is demat account Demat account is an account on which you can buy your share score.deposit it You need to have a demat account to invest in share market Just like we keep our money in the bank We receive our purchased shares in our demat account You can open your demat account in any way kiss has two ways either you Open your demat account in any bank Or you can open your demat account through any broker.Nowadays there are many brokerage platforms on which you can open your demat account.Out of which the country’s number one demat account is Zerodha.IfZerodha.If you open your demat account in any bank So you will not get share market experience If you open your demat account through any broker So you get many facilities and also information Broker charges you some money for opening a demat account If you want to open your demat account So you can open your demat account by clicking on this link We should think about long term investment in stock market Because investment of work time is harmful for us

What is the share market?

The stock market depends on many factors Understand it in simple language, if the supply of something in the market decreases.So its stock decreases, due to which the demand for that thing increases.Similarly, NSE .INNSE.IN if the demand for shares of a company is high So the stock of that company makes a lot of profit and goes up a lot. If there is more consumption of something in the market so its price also goes down Similarly, in the stock market, if the demand for any stock is low.So its price will also decrease, if its demand is high then its price will also increase.Similarly, the stock market fluctuates daily.Depends on the purchase sale and its demand prinrest
In our India, only two types of stock exchanges are very popular.The first of which is the Mumbai Stock Exchange (BSE).and the other National Stock Exchange NSE
When you open your demat account So you also get these two exchange ok shares No company can sell its shares in the direct market If the company has to sell its shares, then they have to use these two exchanges Company has to see And nothing bad happened to them, so SEBI keeps an eye on these two.

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