What is love and why do we fall in love, what are the advantages and disadvantages of love, why a poor person cannot love

Nowadays everyone is a victim of love and everyone crazy in love is visible To love is not a crime, but to be madly in love is a very big sin and if you go over the limit Today’s Majnu has gone from the ghost of love in the hearts of people.Nowadays even young children have started to love leaving their studies and writing and have come to love.Some of the film industries of our country that promote love in the world and on various types of social media, videos are viral, seeing which the inspiration of love awakens in our mind and we go astray in the wrong path.

how do we love
Whenever we look at any object or any animal or any boy or girl So he is attracted to her and being attracted, we get attached to him so that we fall in love with him.Whenever we are attached or attracted to our thing, we give it the name of love.Love is always from the heart and it comes to the heart Whenever a person is in love with a girl, forgetting the things of his need, he remains madly in love with her.and sings his praises all day long By making love, a person’s life becomes not easy, but he becomes more difficult, forgetting his purpose, he wanders in a wrong path.Everyone wants to love, some love their parents, some from their family, some with some kind of thing and some from their job.Some from his wife, some from his children, some from this world.

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what are the types of love
To know that there are many types of love, we have to study different types of things.Everybody loves something or the other someone loves their family someone loves his friends someone loves his siblings and parents someone loves a person or thing someone loves his job and his responsibilities Love does not mean to love only a girl but love is everywhere and

can happen to everyone Because love is in the technology of our body that attracts us to anything.Whenever a boy or girl sees a beautiful person or someone of his own, he is attracted to him and falls madly in love with him.This is called love and this is called love.[1]

How loving people live in profit and loss
To love is not a wrong thing and neither is it a crime To love is allowed by everyone and everything is allowed But by making love, a person forgets his proper work and keeps the day closed on him.puts it in your account Leaving his worry feelings, forgetting his responsibilities, he is madly in love with anything.It’s not fair to love everyone, not everyone talks about love Because the person who faces the responsibilities of his family that person can never study in love he will always love his family and help others There are many loving people who fall in love with a girl and sing her praises.You will find many loving people in the world but very few people who help Helper is a big lover If we give the name of love to help then it will be absolutely wrong that the people who love never do it to anyone.

Why love is harmful to a student
A student always has to pay utmost attention to his studies Because by studying and writing, a student is always in the help of a job or a good post.And and a student should always think about anything other than the goal of his life.Whenever a student is attracted towards love So he forgets his career and falls in love.and forgets his purpose which proves to be detrimental to his future Love creates wrong

feeling in the life of students When a wrong feeling comes in the mind of a student, then you wander from studies and reach in other wrong paths.Student should not fall in love of any kind Always the student should concentrate on his studies by calming his mind and focusing on it should brighten his purpose.For Aashiqui Gujarta we should stay away from love If we want to love, then we should do it to our parents and family.A student should not always take any worry feeling in his mind other than his studies.

How do we pay the price of love
Whenever we love a girl, we do not get love in return for love because that girl loves someone else and fights Because a girl is always in love with those boys who do not have any kind of quality and influence and they fall in love with them.We do not achieve anything with love, but we push our future into a dark and we pay the price Forgetting our important tasks, we put ourselves in the wrong direction in love

We should always give love to our family because the family consists of the parents who have been raising them since their childhood, who will never cheat us, but they will help us and help us. will worry We should not give space to anyone except our parents.Attraction is the effect of the mind that happens to anyone It is wrong to name such love because true love is not achieved by anyone and true love is not known to anyone.A poor is never in love because nowadays money is the biggest strength if you have money then you have love The one who does not have money has nothing, love is far away family members will also not meet That’s why before making love, make yourself and earn so much money that the expensive things of this world seem cheap to you.

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