What is Data..?Hows it works Ands How many types of Data…?

  • whatever type of business you have Everyone needs data Its special thing is that its data is available according to every business.But the question comes in our mind that what is this data and why is it so important for any business.In this article you will be given complete information about the data, so read the article carefully.
  • What happens to the data?
    If we look at it in general, the data is such a set of 1 characters that is collected or transferred for a purpose Purpose main region analysis has to be done to collect the data.Any type name character pictures number character in data May include sound and video As far as computer data is concerned, this data There is information that processed and stored by computer This text can also be in the form of documents, images and clips.audio play software program it can be in any other form This data is processed by the CPU and in the form of files and folders in the hard disks of the computer is stored Data is stored in binary digits in computer storage.i.e. in the form 1 and 0The word data comes from the Latin word And in simple language it means something given Data is a plural word and and its singular form is datum But it’s all become so prevalent that Cingular The word data is also used for the use of the word singular.So before the data is input into the computer a r.a.w. It happens And when r a w data is input into the computer then Now the data is processed Then like this when r.a.w. The son is processed from the data then then it is called information Hard disks are used to store data in the computer.Apart from this, other storage devices are also used.It also contains information and classified data.which has a value for the receiver Process data that is so useful that can take decision and action on the basis of that Therefore it is absolutely necessary to have this quality in the process data.Timely means when information is needed be available properly Accuracy means information is accurate Completeness means information is complete So after knowing the quality of process data Do you know the types of computer data.
  • What are the types of computer data?
    text data in alphabet A to Z
    Number data in this numbers come from zero to 9
    alpha numeric data It consists of symbols that are on the keyboard such as at the rate of dollar percentage etc.Image data such as jpg png jpg in it Images prepared on the key format come
    audio video data Want multiple formats like MP3 MP4 HD.

  • What is data processing?
    And how does the data processing cycle work?
    Data processing is meant to make people or machines more usable.and to make it useful for a particular purpose have to redo or in a systematic order
    Data processing takes place in 3-step
    Input processing and output
    That is, the data cycle is completed by combining these three words.
    So let’s know about them.

  • Input In this step the data is input into the www.money cantrol.com computer.Data is collected before it is inputted and is verified and then input into the computer This data is stored in the computer in binary form ie Stores at Zero One.
  • Processing To make the input data more use flower in this step it is processed CPU does the work of data processing.
  • Output Process data is received in the form of information In this output step input data Get more usage full data which can also be stored in hard dicks and can be read back anytime
    Why is data processing needed?In today’s time all the work is done through computer.In such a case academic Institutional or for commercial use for private or personal use and for scientific research More and more huge amount of data is collected Store this collector data Short or filter storing this collector data Analyzing is very important so that it can be used according to its need That’s why data processing is necessary and the process will be simple or complex it depends on whether At what scale is the data collected and and what kind of result we expect from it. must read 
  • Why is data management necessary?
    Data is the most important information assets for any organization.Because information is made from data which is the basis of business related decisions If Data Complete is activated then that in the growth of the organization gives a contribution The data collection of any organization is on such a large scale that cannot be processed manually That’s why every company or organization needs a strong data management In addition, if the data management talk about benefits So the productivity of the company increases Security risk is reduced Operations are completed easily Chances of missing data are very less Decision of benefits associated with the company much easier to take So apart from this, the relevance of the data is also of every company. or becomes necessary for the organization Only then can a better relations be formed with the customers.and for company benefits A strong strategy can be created.

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