What is Bitcoin..? Hows we can use Bitcoin-why Bitcoin groww high in global markets..?

7Every country in the world has its own currency Which is used for transactions and purchase of goods Is used in many functions The currency of every country is different and its name and its value are also kept according to the country.Like the currency used for transactions in the country of India it’s called rupee US currency is dollar, UK currency is full So in the same way the currency of every country is also different and their name is also different Similarly, there is a different currency in the internet which can be used for online transactions. is done for
The currency which is used for the internet, we call it bitcoin. You must have heard about bitcoin Because bitcoin has been in many churches for many years.In today’s article we will tell you about bitcoin. what is it then why is it used And what is the value of that currency
  • What is bitcoin…?
    How is bitcoin a virtual It is also called digital currency It is called a digital currency because it is used only in a digital way.Bitcoin is called a virtual currency because  it is completely different from the rest of the currency Other currency like Rupee Or like the dollar we can neither see nor touch But still we use it like money But still we can be used like money in transactions.We can deposit bitcoin only in online wallet
    Who invented bitcoin?
    the invention of bitcoin SATOSHI NAKAMOTO did in the year 2008and 2009 it was released as Global Payment And since then its popularity has been increasing.bitcoin is a decentralized currency This means that there is no bank or government authority to control it.that means no one owns it Anyone can use bitcoin like we all use the internet and he has no owner So is bitcoin One who has bitcoin cannot physically buy things from it Rather bitcoin can only be used online Apart from online payment, it can also be converted into other currencies If you also have who, then you can put it in the currency of your country.You can transfer it to your bank account by changing the currency of your country Bitcoin has become the most expensive currency in the world From what currency via computer network Transaction can be done through any medium Whereas this digital currency is kept in a digital wallet.Bitcoin is also called cryptocurrency Bitcoin can be easily spent like ordinary currency You can use it to donate to some non-government organizations to buy goods.It can also be used to send them to someone else Bitcoin cannot be controlled by any entity Which means it has no right on the government or the bank, it is completely free These can be used for purchases and transactions by anyone Bitcoin trading cannot be stopped That’s why no bank or government can stop you sending your bitcoin currency.But there is a dilemma in this that if someone cheats on you then So you can’t file your fraud complaint with anyone big business around the world and many large companies uses this currency.
  • Where is bitcoin used?
    Please use bitcon for online transactions and for making any kind of online payments bitcoin is based on P2P network which means that people interact directly with each other Make a mutual translation without any bank credit card or company help We charge 2 to 3% for any type of debit card or credit card payment But nothing like this happens in bitcoin


There is no extra charge for its transactions For this reason also it is gaining popularity here.Plus it’s safe and fast so that people are broadcasting in it to accept Nowadays many people are adopting bitcoin Like online developers, businessman and many people of time Where did you see the non-profit organization, that is why its popularity is increasing even more.And for this reason bitcoin is being used for global payment all over the world.It does not have other home credit limits like other credit cards Nor is it a problem to carry around with cash It is very safe and fast and it works anywhere in the world There is no limit to its use.

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  • What is the value of bit coin?
    The value of bitcoin keeps on increasing or decreasing because there is no authority to control it That’s why its value varies according to its demand.Its price varies from country to country Because its trend in the world market That is why its price is according to the demand of every country.

how can we get bitcoins…?
We can get bitcoin in 2 ways The first way is if you have money So you can buy bitcoin with money.

  • directly If you don’t have that much money and still you want to take bitcoins so there is a way If you can’t buy a whole bitcoin, you So you’re a small unit of that SATOSHI can buy Like there are 100 paise …..


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