What do we benefit from environment and climate

The world looks beautiful because of our environment and green trees and climate.Tree plants give an attractive look to the earth Trees and plants are very useful, the climate is of different types, here it changes every day.

The climate of any country depends on the environmental condition of that country, if the amount of trees and plants in an area is high.So the climate there will also be very good, if the amount of pollution in any place is high, then the climate there remains unbalanced.And in some places there is a lot of dust, soil and dirt.Tree plants prove to be very useful for us; Tree plants provide us with good and healthy air.Man can live without food but cannot live without air and the main source of air is trees Trees and plants can absorb carbon dioxide during the night and release oxygen Trees also keep the environment and climate balanced fast.Tree plants make our earth a nice and attractive fair There is such a planet of the earth in which water brothers and different types of seasons are found, here is the bass of life.

Trees and plants have proved to be very useful for our earth since ancient times and for the animals living and living in it.We get herbs and fruits and flowers from trees and plants, by eating which we get healthy and a good life and life.The main reason for the change in climate is to increase the amount of pollution in our area.Whenever we burn any wood or use garbage with garbage, then the climate there is polluted.Due to which there is a lot of difficulty in our breathing.a tree gives us a lot Love gives us benefits from clean air and an attractive environment, fruits, flowers, vegetables or other thingsAlso read……

Everyone must plant a tree on this earth The person who cuts down any living tree means that we are taking the life of a living being.Its effect is very deep in our atmosphere and climate.Harvesting of trees not only pollutes the environment and also causes climate change.Due to which there is movement of many contaminants in our environment.And there is a decline in the balance of our earth, which destroys the life of many living beings.Animals get their food only from plants The living beings and every living being on the earth who are unable to speak, they have to face many problems.It totally depends on the environment Because trees give them food and give them a place to live.

Whenever a person sets fire to a forest or cuts down a tree, the animal living on that tree is also certain to die because the animal that have settled their house on that tree and are living their lifestyle on its basis because of that tree If that tree is destroyed, then the life of that animal also perishes.We must not do deforestation, it should be stopped In these days deforestation is happening so fast that in the coming time we may have to face many difficulties Animals leave their homes and start appearing in human settlements and humans destroy them.The main reason for this is that there is not much humanity left in today’s man.Are using things made of wood to their advantage and are rapidly harvesting trees Due to which the forest is destroyed and the animals have to face many problems.

Animals keep our environment balanced.Nowadays, due to the fast cutting of trees, animals are becoming extinct.Urbanization is increasing in the world and people are destroying the environment by cutting down forests.And a man thinks only of himself, never thinks about the environment But environment and environment always take revenge And the main reason for this is lack of oxygen.Whenever Banana is harvested, many animals get nervous and their mind is shaken.Because the animals have to leave their home outside the forests.Many species of animals are getting destroyed which we do not see.

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