A picnic is an an outing during which meals is taken out of doors. It is very charming its drings a change in our Dull and our mechanical life. It is pleasant to take part in a picnic. Our life is full of cares and anxieties.
When we join a picnic we forget our cares for sometime when we are fed up with the monotony of our everyday life. We organised a picnic the purpose of a picnic is merry-making. Show a program of music is an essential future of a picnic.

The preparation of picnic

It is necessary to make preparation for a picnic. Several person take part in a picnic every member of the picnic party has to do something. Cooperation is necessary for the success of a picnic at first the member of a picnic Party have to collect some money select the site for the picnic they decide how they will prepare the food collect the necessary things. On the fixed day De De go out for the picnic that take all the necessary things with themselves.

How held the picnic

When they reached the picnic spot start cooking their food. Some members of the party gather fuel and make a fire. Some prepare vegetables some bring water when the food is ready. They sit on the ground and do ful justice to the dishes to the dishes. After taking their food the chat and cut jokes. Then they sing songs. Everyone is happy someone narrates a humorous story and all persons love hardly in the evening they return home.


A picnic gives great pleasure. It makes us happy It Breaks the monotony of our everyday life it refreshes our mind it makes us forget our sorrow and anxieties so a picnic is very pleasant..aaj tak news

A Picnic we must join it

Very recently I joint a pleasant picnic some of our friends decided to arrange a picnic on the other Bank Of The Gangs we hired a boat and went to the other Bank Of The Gangs the boat’s trip filled us with joy.
As soon as we were on the sands of the bank we started cooking our food. When the food was ready we set on the sand and took our food. We delighted in in taking our food on the sand. After taking our food in indulged in gossip. Some of my friend sang songs some narrated funny stories we laughed merrily in the evening we collected our things and started for home. The return journey was very pleasant we were in a happy mood. We enjoyed the music of the waves. The river looked beautiful ll the send on the bank of the river shone like silver.

The picnic was very delightful I wish I would enjoy such a picnic again.

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