The interesting facts about Nepal…..

The land on which a huge mountain like Mount Everest is standing and people like Mahatma Buddha are residents of that country.What could be more exciting and mysterious that place Today we will talk about your neighboring country Nepal Nepal is such a friend of our country where we You can travel there without any passport and visa.The culture and climate of the country of Nepal is such that we will keep her the relation of daughter and bread and would like to continue

• Nepal which has the distinction of being a Hindu nation till now Nepal is considered to be the oldest country in South Asia.

• The ancient history of this country begins with the valley of Kathmandu.

• The meaning of the word Nepal is derived from the name of Hindu saint Nimitt.Settled and protected the valleys of Kathmandu.

• By the way, many kings have ruled in turn in Nepal.

• This country never became a slave of any other country.

• That’s why in this country there is no independent day like our country.

• Nepal is a small country with a population of about 30 million.

• More than 123 languages ​​are spoken in Nepal.

• Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal.

• Nepal is also said to be home to many ancient temples.

• because it tells the story of its time.

• Mount Everest, a huge mountain in Nepal, is the identity of Nepal.

If you are fond of trekking, then if you ever get a chance to go here, then you can go to the first stop of this peak.But for that you have to prepare yourself in advance.Well, let me tell you that if you want to enjoy the real fun of traveling or trekking, then there will be no better place than Nepal.

• Nepal comes second in the world in collecting water If it is used properly then this country can achieve a good power in the field of hydro power.People in Nepal get electricity only for 9 to 12 hours.And every season there is a power cut three to four times For this reason, this country is lagging behind many countries in the factory industry and in many basic matters.

• Nepal country in the world comes in the list of poor countries Where more than half of the people make less than $1There are enough people who believe in Hinduism in our country.But our country is not a Hindu nation because of the repeal of religion.Apart from India, there are many countries in the world where there are people who believe in Hinduism.
• But you will be completely surprised to know that Nepal is such a country.which is a hindu nation More than 80% people in Nepal also follow Hinduism here.And in terms of proportion, most Hindus reside here.

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• According to Hindu religion, people worship the cow here.Similarly, in Nepal, the cow is considered very sacred.and it’s illegal to kill That is why cow is also the national animal of this country.

• The currency of Nepal is Nepalese Rupee Whose value is less than our Indian Rupees.

• One Indian Rupee is equal to ₹69 of one Nepalese Rupee.

• In Nepal, our money becomes very expensive and it is very expensive for the people there, due to which we have got a chance to roam there.

• If you go to visit Nepal then you will never feel lonely because the atmosphere here is very friendly.

• Nepal and India are very good friends too.

• Indian Army also gives army recruitment opportunity in Nepal and recruits its soldiers in the army.

• That is why you do not even need to go to visit Nepal.

• For this you have to carry an ID proof with you.

Must read…..

Must read…

If we talk about the people of Nepal, then the yoga here is very calm and the people here are very friendly.The people here do not shake hands with each other, but greet you with folded hands.If you have become friends with someone before, then you will greet him with folded hands.People here are best educated with unity and patriotism Because there have never been any riots here in the name of religion, caste and religion.And till date not a single blood has been shed in the name of caste struggle.Whereas people of more than 80 different religions live here.That’s why the people of this country lead a different and happy life.

• The people here have immense faith in the matter of GodBuddha But Mahashivratri is the biggest festival of these.

• Nepal’s time does not run on the basis of time zone but on the basis of Mount Everest.

• Reciting Nepal’s time also runs 45 minutes behind time.

• Nepalese cuisine is similar to that of Tibet and India.

• Rice is cultivated on a large scale in Nepal and many types of things are made from rice here.

• Children’s non-traditional dishes include dal bhaat and curries.

• Momos are the most eaten here after Dal Bhaat.
• Momos shops will be found at night in every street number in Kathmandu city.

• One horned rhinoceros, Bengal tiger and many rare animals live in Nepal.

People come here from far and wide to see your beautiful litigants.This is the reason why the future Nepal is a very good story of the country.

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