the game you like the most

ByFor the proper development of a boy or girl, play is as important as education.One develops the body and the other develops the brain.This is the reason that there is a purpose and arrangement for different types of games in every school.Hockey Cricket Football Volleyball Tennis Badminton etc. Some of them include Each student has his own choice and also has different interest in his sport.Some like cricket while many students understand volleyball the best out of all the sports I like football the most.

Brief description of the sport you like
The game of football is very interesting, it is played in two teams.Each team consists of 11 players, 11 players, one goalkeeper, two fullbacks, three half-works and five forwards.There is also a referee to oversee and control the game.This game is played in a big field, there are certain rules of the game, players have to follow them and they have to continue that game according to the rules.

reason to like
There are several reasons to like it the most You don’t need a lot of practice for this All it takes is a good football that lasts longer good physical exercise The art of making quick decisions is developed in the game of football We develop a response team The game of football is never slow, but in this game you will not get a chance to slow down or the game is agile and for those players who participate in running and many types of sports. always be careful on the field you always have to be careful on the football field and you have to run your mind and body both together
Another reason why the game of football is important is that it teaches cooperation, this game brings a sense of unity and cooperation among the players.Another major feature of this game is discipline, due to which many people like this game.Or the game teaches the importance of discipline to the players In this game players have to follow some rules and continue the game according to the same rules In this game, the decision of the referee is considered to be the last decision. Reshmi can make a mistake in his decision but the players have to accept it.In this game players have to obey their captain.All these things help them to become ideal citizens.Yet here football, being a foreign sport, has become much more suited to the Indian situation.The game can be played for 6 months or so in a year. The other thing with respect to this game is that there is no more expensive game.Most of the people like this game because there is very little interruption in studies.Or the game is played only in the evening for 1 hour The biggest thing is that football gives an opportunity tpo get famous and famous.People give a lot of respect to good football players.


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The conclusion
The reason I like this game the most is because football for youngster is one of the supply category sports and I like this game very much

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