The fact of village fair

Village fairs are very common in India in almost all parts of the country fairs are held. Taiyar held generally on the association of some religion festivals the site of the fair is generally scarced place
Many small fairs are held on various occasions.

The features of village fairs

The special feature of the village fairs in that they fullfil
The needs of the rural people in almost each fairs the cattle market is unnecessary feature in towns there are permanent markets hens people do not feel the want of anything they purchased there articles of daily need in the regular market but in villages many things are not found in the regular markets hence they have to depend for those things on the fair the Purchase and sale of cattle are the greatest attractions of this fairs for this purpose even people of towns visit the fairs.




In olden days when there were no good roads connecting villages with towns and cities this fairs where are very useful now a days the importance of village fair has been very much reduced now the fair is more a diversion than a necessity. Now a days fair provide a change from the monotony of everyday life people go there for sightseeing and for enjoying the company of men
In a ffair people come from a fair and near to sell their various articles temporary shops are erected they are arranged in various rows generally shops of one kind are arranged in one row on one side they are shops of confectioners on the other there are shop of iron, utensils in third row there are shops of Steel , trunks, then there are shops of blankets, carpets, toys, books, shoes,, wooden , articles , Handloom , clothes, medicines etc.

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Beside shops there are hackers who move about up and down the fair and sell their own little products they sell floats paper umbrellas and various other kind of toys which are especially attractive to the children.
In a ffair,, there is a very brisk activity everywhere purchase and sale of article take place and there is almost always a great Rush.
It often serves as a meeting place for people living far away from one another people very often come across their friends and relatives living far away home they had not chance of seeing otherwise the fair is a great boon to the trades the trades very easily dispose of defective article in a fair in the fair there are some side attraction theatres merry-go-round magic shows swings Ramleela party etc provide a good deal of fun to the visitors.
The fair has got one special utility it is a good place for advertisement and propaganda since people from different places assemble at the fair. The news of any new product or invention is paid for Android very easily diversion and amusement and promotes trade and industry.

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