The Duties of a police man

Introduction of a police man
The members of a a civilised society have to obey some laws there are some wicked person in every society they break the laws such a persons must be brought to book therefore there is a police force in every country to prevent The Wicked persons from Breaking the laws the policeman is a member of the police force of a country.


Police man appearance and dress.
The policeman is a familiar figure in every civilized society we can recognise him by his dress he is usually tall well built and strong he looks impressive in his uniform in our state hi where khaki shirt Talkies shots red Turban and heavy boats some of the policeman are armed they have Rifles for their security and others.

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The duty of police man
The police man performs several duties he is the garden of law and order he protect the life and property of people he maintains peace and order in the society there are many wicked persons in the society e they break the laws the commit thefts and murders the policeman catch them and bring them to book he presents them to a magistrate who punish them when there is an outbreak of disorder at a place the policeman arrived there and rest the guilty persons the policeman protect the property of people in towns patrols the street and lens at night and keeps watch he keeps an eye on Thieves robbers and other criminals when a theft is committed he try to catch the culprit sometimes he has to chase the themes and robbers it is a dangerous work sometimes the police man is killed by the criminals.

The usefulness of a policeman
In towns and cities the policeman control the traffic we see them at all Crossroads they prevent Road accidents by regulating the traffic they make people aware the traffic rules

Does we see that the police plays an important role in the society we cannot do without him life without him would be difficult he protects our life and property when we enjoy a sound sleep at night he Guards our homes he enable us to live peacefully and happily he gives peace and order in our society so he is very usefulfor us.

Main police men rough and impolite they often vexs and abuse innocent people they neglect their duties that take bribes and left the criminals of the police man of our country have become dishonest they fail to do their duties properly that is why crimes are on the increase in our country the dishonest policemen should be punished by the government.The

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