Man has loved nature since the beginning of his life on the earth. He is fascinated by the Beutifull sights of nature. He delights in planting trees and flowers. He maintains gardens for his pleasure. A garden represents the Beuty of the nature. Flowers grow In The Wild forest. Man plants them in Gardens for his pleasure. He arranges them according to his taste he loves beauty so he maintains a garden.

What should a nature needs
A garden should be carefully maintained it needs constant labour and care it should be divided into different parts a part of the garden should be set a part for cultivation of flowers. Different kinds of flowers should be planted in the garden. Fruits and vegetables should we grow in the other part of the garden. There should be proper arrangement for watering the plants


The nature beauty

Gardens are very useful they present beautiful sight of the nature. There are beautiful flowers of various colours in Gardens if we walked through Gardens we are filled with joy the lovely flowers floating in the breeze catch our fancy. I will look at their dazzling colour and wonder at the imagination of their creator. The beautiful flowers make us forget our cares and anxieties Gardens enable as to read the book of the nature it is very interesting to watch the growth of plants and flowers. Plants grow silently in the Gardens flowers Bloom at the proper time plant life is an interesting as our own life if we have eyes to see we can watch the miracles of the nature in the Gardens.

Gardens provide healthy surrounding we can improve our health by walking in Gardens. We get many kind of fruits and vegetables from Gardens.

What nature gives us

Gardens give us great pleasure the smiling flowers makers forget our anxieties and sorrows. When we walk in garden feel that we are in in paradise enjoy solitude in Gardens we hear the music of 20 in the Gardens the multicolor butterflies flying from one flower to another enchant us. When we seat in garden our dullness is off. We enjoy the lovely site and sounds the nature.

A Gardens are very pleasant but we are so busy that we fail to enjoy their beauties and charms. Those people who do not love flowers are only Heartless we must have beautiful gardens in towns too. They will make the town lovely place to live in. We should learn to love Gardens and flowers.

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