Introduction & Electric safety precautions

Introduction – Electricity has an important place in today’s modern era.For this reason, it is necessary to have skilled electrical knowledge workers in industrial institutions.One who has complete knowledge of one etc by repairing electrically operated machines, appliances, household wiring, motor wiring, and others, is called an electrician.In other words, proper training is given in all types of above mentioned electrically operated equipments in industrial training institutes.After completing this training, if the electrician does not want to do the job Even then own work like electrical equipment Like heater fan, oven, water cooler, geyser, by repairing accustomed one can successfully support himself and his family.
safety precautions
A person doing electrical work should carefully avoid electric current Accidents don’t happen by themselves but because of carelessness The following precautions should be taken while doing electrical work
1. Do not work on electricity and machines while wearing loose clothes like dhoti kurta pajama etc. inside the workshop.
2. Electric shock is easily avoided. A little carelessness can cause power loss.
3. Do not work barefoot, it would be better if you work wearing rubber shoes.
4. If a person is stuck to the electric wire and if the switch is not nearby, then at that time cut that wire with an insulated player, if the thinking is near, then turn it off.
5. A safety belt must be used when working on a tower or pole
6. when to use a ladder Have a helper to prevent the ladder from slipping And tools etc. and electrical items can also be caught helper.
7. One should always control the phase wire or positive in thinking
8. Before connecting any line with the supply, it should be seen that no other person is working on that line.
9. Thinking should be turned off before installing the fuse wire
10. Table fan or portable appliance must be disconnected from supply before moving it
11. The flexible wire should never be pulled and separated from the plug wire.
12. Supply should not be given to any conductor till until it is believed that is absolutely fine and that no one is working there,
13. No electric installation should be touched without the need
14. Whenever the battery is to be charged, all the windows of that room should be opened at that time.Never charge the battery in a closed room
15. While preparing electrolyte, add acid to water so that water can be converted into acid.
16. Do not throw water on the running line and electrical equipment in case of fire, doing so can prove to be dangerous.The best solution is to turn off the supply as soon as possible.If the main switch is not nearby, then the fire should be extinguished with a phantom or a fire.
17. Earth conductor should always be satisfactory because safety depends on good earth conductor.
18. Do not touch the line unless it is believed that the overhead line is closed or well grounded.
19. Do not tamper with the switchgear of an electric installation This device is for your safety
20. Do not look at electric welding without wearing proper glasses.
21. Electrical work should always be done by a recognized skilled person.
22. Items coming to Teli Office in WhatsApp should not be sold on the floor
prohibition sign Their shape is round border and crossbar is of red color and black mark is made on white line which means smoking, burning fire etc. is strictly prohibited.

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warning sign Their shape is like a triangle, their color is yellow and the border is black in word, which means danger warning that fear such as danger of fire, danger of electricity, danger etc.
notification sign They are of square shape, their background is green and the symbol is white in color, they are meant to give information about safety signals as in first aid.
fire extinguishing All WhatsApp and office should be fitted with suitable type of fire extinguishers and fire can be extinguished by electricity or any other reason A fire can endanger the lives of the workers and damage to the property of the Estate Office.Or the equipment should be installed in such a place where it can be used immediately Apart from this, there should also be a system of heavy voltaire etc. in the sand.
fire extinguisher It is a device by which electricity extinguishes the fire by stopping the oxygen of the object.This device is filled with liquid siachen which does not burn on its own.Nor does it help to connect. These types of devices are of the following types and are used to extinguish different types of fires.
There are five types of fire extinguishers
1. foaming fire extinguisher In which type of device, mineral oil, soap etc. substances are filled by mixing water with air pressure?On suppressing Bihar, water is present only in quantity.Jyoti extinguishes the fire by cutting off the oxygen supply of the burning object.This type of device is used to extinguish the fire with diesel kerosene petrol.
2. water filled fire extinguisher In this type of gap water is filled with air pressure. Pressing the lever produces a splash of which the fire is put out This type of device is used to extinguish fire caused by wood, cloth, shoe, paper, etc.
3. Carbon Dioxide Type Fire Extinguisher This type of device is used to extinguish the fire in electrical wiring equipment etc. Sodium carbonate( NAHCO3) inside it.And in this a glass bottle is filled with odorous acid, 1 volt is applied on the bottle in such a way that the glass bottle breaks when the transferee is tossed upside down. In which chemical reaction in contact with sodium carbonate produces carbon dioxide gas which extinguishes fires on electric objects, this gas does not help in burning
2NAHCO3 + H2SO4 +Na2SO4 +2H2O +2CO2.

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4. Carbon Tetrachloride Type Fire Extinguisher In this type of device, a substance called carbon datacore idea promo code chloromethane is filled with air pressure When the lever of the instrument is pressed, the liquid begins to eject.Remember, it covers the object so that oxygen does not affect and you immediately extinguish .
Dry Powder Type Fire Extinguisher The gas is used to extinguish the fire In this device Monium Passpet is filled
Fire is mainly divided into 4 categories
• class A In this category, wood, paper, cloth, solid metal,To extinguish the fire, Aniket should first try to extinguish the fire with water above.
• class b In this category the materials that melt when heated come over which water should never be used.Form or carbon dioxide or dry powder should be used to extinguish them.
• class C This type of category includes substances igniting by gas and liquid, for which dry powder type fire extinguishers are used to extinguish.
• class d In this category comes the fire caused by electricity, carbon dioxide dry powder carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishers are used to extinguish it.
electrical shock
The sudden occurrence of electrical memory is When current flows through a person’s body, it affects his nervous system action depending on the intensity of the current.That is, if it tells the work, then the person easily comes back to normal.But if the intensity is high, it may not be able to free itself from the supply.If other person touches this trauma affected person to free him then that person will also be in the grip of trauma if he is not properly trained.
intensity of trauma.
The intensity of the trauma depends on the following
1. Nature of Supply i.e. AC or DC
2. electrical wall voltage
3. weather conditions
4. Body contact with supplied work equipment
5. contact time frame
6. mental stress at the time of accident
7. DC or AC more dangerous.
Rescuing a person who came in contact with the power line
If a person is affixed to a line or instrument, the following methods shall be adopted to first separate him from that line or instrument:
1. turn off the switch if it is nearby
2. Insulate yourself in a rubberized dry wood shovel or detach the sticking one
3. If the person is still in contact with the electrical device after the shock, as far as possible The rescuer should also stand on a dry wooden plank and rescue the victim.Another way is to pull it with a pleasure rope made of coconut or bamboo.It is more appropriate to stand on a rabiya uninsulated dry mat
If sparks are coming out of the clothes after being separated from the power cord, then extinguish them and make sure that the patient is breathing or not.send someone to the doctor call the doctor until the doctor arrives will do the following treatment
preparatory work If there is a spark of fire in the clothes of the victim, put it out Check here whether the bachelor is breathing send someone to call the doctor If he is not breathing properly then before the arrival of the doctor, treat the victim according to the following fast method
first position
Lie face down on the victim, lie on the victim’s back and place both your hands near the lower rib of his back in such a way that the fingers are outward and both the thumbs are touching each other.
financial situation Keeping your hands

straight, keep moving and pressing forward for about 2 minutes, now slowly work the pressure and come to the first position with your breasts, repeat this sequence for about 15 times in 1 minute, whose The victim’s lungs will contract when he breathes in this way, keep doing this action continuously until the maximum breath becomes relaxed again.It may take half an hour or more for this action to take effect When the victim is able to breathe, it is good that the operator continues with his breathing activity as well as his work.until he can’t breathe fast when the victim regains the natural breathing, yet the abnormal breathing should not be shut down It is often found that the victim stops breathing even after some temporary improvement.That is why it is necessary to take care of the victim and if he stops breathing naturally, then Artificial breathing should be stopped s

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