How to works Wi-Fi -what is Wi-Fi..,?

As we all know that internet was invented many years ago.But at that time not everyone could use it because at that time Internet access required a lot of cables And the internet could be accessed only through cables But as the pace of improving technology increased By the way, the process of simplifying complex things has also been changed.After a lot of change in technology, finally computer science A wireless network was observed instead of a wire cable.what we call wifi
And today we and you use it in all the places where it is present.Internet some 10 years ago today was not possible for everyone to use For this people had to go to internet cafes.But today the internet has reached everyone’s hands.And it doesn’t need any At present, everyone is being able to use the Internet.Most of the credit for this goes to WiFi technology.Whether we want to use the Internet on a mobile computer or a laptop For that now we use wifi I will give you complete information about this

What is WiFi?
full name of wi fi wireless fidelity WiFi is a popular wireless technology Jackie works with high speed network and radio connections It was invented by John on Suleiman and John Dine did in 1991Basically WiFi is a wireless networking facility In this WLAN
That is, wireless local area network is also known as It is a technology due to which we are able to use a wireless network easily.Using this, we can easily connect computers, laptops, mobiles and printers to the Internet network.This technology comes under Local Area Network.This means that its range is up to a small area.Through this we can connect to the internet up to a limited place Not only people nowadays, but nowadays people also do wireless data transfer through this.such as shareit and a xgender by using apps like Says wifi doesn’t make sense WiFi Alliance Company makes WiFi Its name is derived from hi-fi ani high-fidelity WiFi extender is used to connect the network to a computer, mobile or laptop In today’s time, as many laptops, computers and mobiles All of them have a WiFi Chief Through which we and you connect to the wifi router and use the internet with ease via wireless router Internet accesses the device But the router also needs BSL and only to be connected to the internet have to use modern connected to the ISP Otherwise internet access is not possible Nowadays many types of hotspot devices also come.Like Jio Fi 4G In which multiple devices can be connected simultaneously with the function of wireless signal.

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How does WiFi work?
There is such a device in WiFi technology who translated the viral signal Which is usually a Wi-Fi router or hotspot In this, a wireless router connects to a radio and converts it into wireless waves.and the
signal in the WiFi device environment Connects generates a WiFi signal and connects to your device You have to give access permission to connect to it Which we call WiFi zone, this small area is called WiFi.Works on local area network All the devices in this small area such as smartphone laptop or printer Input to these devices is wireless With the help of which it connects with the device But desktop computers do not have an inbuilt adapter.That’s why we connect the internet through an adapter by putting a USB port in it.If you ever go to railway station, airport or coffee shop So for sure you are the wifi zone at that time There are also many such cities where the government has made such WiFi zone Where people can go and use internet for free Whenever there is wireless radio communication it is always two ways
radio communication
What is two ways communication,?
Let’s say a laptop is connected to the internet via used to translate the data So the wireless adapter of your laptop is converts data into radio waves and using its antenna translate comes Now the wireless router receives the signal Lcd coats


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