How to top board exam? What is required to become

Losing the desire to become a topper definitely comes in the mind of the students and in the end the question arises that how did he become a topper.
What did he do so that every student definitely wants to know that he gave the top So today in which article we will tell you how to top the board exam Have you ever thought that every student has to read the same syllabus many times, yet why everyone’s marks come differently and why someone tops?Some pass in the exam after many difficulties and some pass easily.Meaning, why is it really the student’s way of studying that makes him a topper student?The way every student studies is what sets them apart.It does not matter at all whether the syllabus is there or not and some students work hard who do not get more marks for their studies.The same few students fall short but they get more marks in the examination.So something like this is definitely different in the way of their studies, so that some students are left behind even after working hard and some students achieve their goal only by working less.Who makes them the stopper or comes by passing
  • How a topper student differentiates what he tops…,?
    First of all you have to keep in mind that you do not have to study much Hearing perfectly fine and it’s a bit strange to hear Often people add themselves after studying more and more.But I say that you do not have to study much, just read as much as it affects you and that which you understand, you should not always take studies as studies because whenever you do any work, if you come to that work.Whatever you have to read, you have to read comprehensionly and effectively.Because with the passage of time, the preparation for taking the exam has also changed, similarly it is necessary to change the way of studying.But even today students are studying in the same way, nowadays you can prepare for your studies by sitting at home with internet and technology in such a way that you can understand more things very well.And not only this, on the Internet you get tutorials and complete information about every subject.With which one can understand the same topic in an interesting way by taking different examples.Meaning there are so many ways to remember it, just to learn it, the way of using it must be changed.Apart from this, if you have any problem in studies, then you can also take help from your expert.That’s why it is better to read more, whatever you read becomes more Most of the teachers and professors believe that whatever you read, study effectively so that you can understand that thing forever.In the pursuit of studying more and more, if you are not studying any subject properly, then studying on that subject is of no use to you.That is why it is better to study more, you should pay attention to the way of studying effectively and study effectively.Meaning if you are asked about him then you should know what he was in Even if you do not know there word by word, but once you have understood about it, then you can explain it to someone in your language and it can also be expressed by writing.Sometime it happens to us that we read it and we get questions from the same thing and we get stuck and then open the book and see it, then I know that we had read it then we remember why It happens That’s why this kind of study is of no use, then you should study effectively.
  • study with your own notes
    You will get all kinds of syllabus in the market but you can also pass by reading the notes but you cannot become a topper.Because these market notes do not have complete information about this topic.Rather, they eliminate the syllabus with a shortcut method.But a topper should have complete knowledge of the subject That’s why self made notes are very important Almost all tapas say that they have achieved success with their own notes.If a student has to make notes by writing down the things he has read in his own way, then he remembers most of the things there and the journey stays there for a long time.Talking about most of the toppers, they studied on their own notes.And talking about its scientific research, whenever we hear or see something, we make our plan about it and write it in the copy.All our senses work on it And while writing, many such things come to our mind as gold, which we can study in a good way by making notes.That is why it is said that whenever we study by writing, we mostly remember.

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  • attend your class regularly be more active
    A topper is present in his recent class And he gives equal importance to every subject If you also want to become a topper then you have to attend your class regularly.Whether that class is interesting or boring Maybe the teacher who is going to teach you already remembers That’s why you find class boring It could be that the teacher teaching is teaching too slowly that’s why you feel bored But whatever it is, that teacher will definitely have to be like this, it is very important for the exam in your subject.And to become a topper, you don’t have to be strong in the smallest concepts.In fact the things you learned in class stay in your mind for a long time And when you read it again in books, you can easily remember the same topic.That is why it is important that you attend your class regularly and contribute equally in every subject.

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  • Have a strong hold on the basic principles of each subject
    If you want to become a topper, then you have to have a strong hold on the basic things of every subject.When you understand the basic principle of that subject, then there will be no such question in the exam which you could not solve.And this will happen only when you have a good or strong hold on the basic theory of that subject.And in CBSE board the same topic is asked in different turns.So that the students get confused and he thinks that I was lying here and it was not there, how will Priya But if you have read the basic principles well then you can answer any question.
  • Continuous practice and revision
    If you have good knowledge of time management to become topper then You will be helped a lot here If not then you have to learn this Before you read any chapter If you don’t repeat to him you will forget him in a few days That is why it is very important to revise what you have from time to time.Along with preparing for any subject, which sample paper is necessary for you?You will be able to solve it in the exam only if you have the practice of applying or doing it If you are someone who is a big prop or no matter how big you are, if you do not revise it, then you will not make any strategy on it.On October 1, it is always very important to revise and practice your studies.

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