how to join indian army how to join army

The security of every country depends on its army and how strong the army is, only the government and the military party there can tell.The country’s security depends entirely on the military.Everyone wants to join the army of his country and serve his country.Not everyone gets the religion of serving the country.Only country lovers are able to join the service of the country and they serve the country by joining the army of their country.

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how to join indian army
Whenever a student after completing his education goes to make a job in any field and make his future in it.So he has to go through a tough interview interview is very difficult The spirit of patriotism is ingrained in the younger generations of today.Everyone wants to go to the defense line to go to the defense line NDA exam has to be given India ie National Defense Academy Here you are trained with different types of training and training Whenever a candidate passes this examination, then there is a military force in his country from India’s side.An officer becomes a differential person of the grade There are many students like this or there are many candidates who are not able to be in NDA.They participate in the military force by applying in this year after year vacancy issued by the government.and make a big contribution to that and to our country..
Army is very important for us, it considers the security of the country as its duty and considers it as its mother.Various types of training are given to the soldiers of the army to fight and win over their enemies.The army of our country uses different types of weapons and gadgets devices to fight the enemies.It includes many types of thanks and rifles, guns and ammunition, etc., which play a strong role for an army.A military man is always strong with his weapon, that’s why an army man is never deprived of his weapon.Every person who joins the army is strong and fearless, in which there is a passion for patriotism.


The army of the country of India i.e. the Indian Army is the army that also works on land and land, here the Indian Navy is deployed to work on the water, which is done with the help of large ships and tanks. serves our country Indian Navy has a huge contribution in our country in the security of our country.Indian Air Force is stationed to work on brothers, stop the people we did in the sky and take strict action against them.and the Army which is known as Indian Army which plays an important role in Priya even sacrifices her life in the service of our country.Whenever an Indian Army soldier joins the army, he is sworn that he will give up his body and life in the service of the country by staying out of the happiness and misery of his family and well-wishers.In India, Indian Army jawans are trained in such a way that they overpower the enemies in front of the enemy and never back down.He is present in the service of the country even in the thick of the sun, in the raining snow etc. Some get a great opportunity of service for his country.The government fulfills the service of the Indian Army and its deficiency.There is no shortage of any kind, so the government takes stock of there and big officers command the battalion there.

The responsibility of the service and security of any country is on the military forces there, how strong are the soldiers there, their weapons and the devices used by them, how many processes are sealed. A young man never lags behind in the service of his country, he can give life for his country and he can also take life.
The army of our country is respected and respected everywhere.An Indian Army soldier gets respect everywhere in his country and is never unfair in any way, he is given many facilities and facilities.Whenever a jawan returns home from vacation, his family members go to pick him up at stations and airports to welcome him and his family members feel very happy and proud to see him.

The soldier of a country is never off duty, he is always on duty, his eyes are always on the enemies, he does not make a mistake in identifying the enemies because he is given such training. to defeat the enemies there..

The army is trained in such a way that it remains fearless in the service of the country.The army makes its contribution in the service of the country, as a result of them, they get many facilities from the government.An army soldier gets a good salary by the government and is given a separate guest house for him.The army is equipped with various facilities and they are also given weapons which make them self-dependent and provide them security.

An ordinary person applies the vacancy issued by the government to join the army, he works hard for it, he works hard day and night even on his physical exertion and examination taken by the army. A candidate has to go through various difficulties after applying the vacancy issued by the government, he has to train in every way and become self-dependent.So that he can be successful in that test, he makes firm determination.That he has to take recruitment in the army, which is full of patriotism, while he gets the opportunity to join the army and serve the country, it depends on his studies and hard work.To get success in any field, it is necessary for the candidate to stick to his studies and his hard work.

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