how to increase your brain power

we all wish we had a sharp mind And we remember everything in a pinch and we do not have to say whether we have forgotten or forgotten But it doesn’t happen because nowadays This problem is being seen in every age, the problem of speaking is a very serious problem.which may be partly due to genetics But in reality our busy day and daily routine became its main reason.
that fills the mind with stress When our mind is full of stress, then our mind is unable to focus on anything.Sentences that are constantly working on the potency of the brain According to them the memory of our brain is not fixed.rather flexible which can be easily cleaned
and can also increase its capacity to a great extent For this you have to do some easy efforts In today’s topic, we will tell about increasing memory power.

To increase memory power, we have to learn something new.
Our memory is like the muscles of the body, the more you run your muscles, the stronger you will work on them, in the same way, the more you use your memory, the more it becomes stronger and more memorable.You have to give new challenges to your memory to increase the capacity of your memory And learning new skills is a great way to increase memory power or That’s why you keep learning something that will take full attention of your body and take you out of your comfort zone.Like playing chess, making words and a variety of games that you must practice throughout the day to make your memory sharp I learned to learn an instrument, learn a new dance, or learn a new language, etc

  2. You always repeat the information you get
    Whenever you learn a new skill or any kind of language or any memorable thing, you have to repeat it over and over again to keep it memorable on your mind for a long time, until you get everything good. Ordinarily you can remember and it seems easy to you, always tough take this To repeat that thing, you come round with a loud voice or write and repeat it in some kind of cinematic way, this creates a connection between your neuron and increases your memory power.After the scare, pay attention to work on that information without seeing that information.Like you say on the day of your exams, you have to keep doing it by remembering the questions.Only then will the information you remember will sit on your mind for a long time and it will be memorable.If you repeat this type of process then you will say it soon or that thing will remain memorable on your mind.
  3. use all your senses
    One of the easiest ways to increase memory power is to use all your senses to remember the thing on your mind that you want to remember.For this, you can remember your information by its color, its smell and its power.
  4. Don’t take help of google all the time
    Google may have become your best friend but Because if you want to increase your memory power, then you will have to stay away from Google for some time and you will have to search only the things of the needy from Google because there is a small thing from searching in Google. is making you mentally lazy like this That’s why to get any kind of information or any kind of information, first try to understand it by using your mind and your senses, if you do not understand at that time then you So you can google it for information By doing this, the speed of blood in the veins of your brain will increase and your memory power will increase.Similarly, you left the effect of being dependent on the GPS map because depending on the GPS, the dress process of the lamps of the mind works very slowly.And this part of our brain works to remember things that last from a short time to a long time, that’s why you stay away from you in Google for some time You can use it where you need it, but if you do not use it where you do not need it or it is a very good and easy effective way to increase the speed of your brain.For this, the first step is given that if you have the number of the contact list in your mobile, at least you can remember all the numbers of your house or it will be called a good start and it will also be proved.

Must read
Organized and busy person
A very busy man’s mind can prevent him from sluggish But the memory power of a totally free troubled man can’t be good That’s why you keep yourself busy in learning something or imagining something by yourself.And make yourself an organized person That’s why keep your routine fixed and keep anything somewhere. don’t forget it and keep it in its right place

  1. go to sleep at the same time every day
    Sleeping at the same time every night will improve the quality of your sleep By which you will be refreshed again in the morning and with this your mind will also work very well. Sleep is a great boon for our body and for our mind.That’s why we should get proper sleep To get a good sleep, keep away from the blue light of computer TV or mobile 1 hour before you go to sleep.Because this blue light blocks your brain’s melatonin hormones It controls our hormone sleep-wake cycle Having an imbalance in it does not make you sleepy and increase the load in the neurons of the brain So that it becomes very troublesome and difficult for the neuro of the brain to co-ordinate the information.And it has a direct effect on the brain, that’s why you sleep on time and stay away from the blue ridge of the mobile before sleeping.
  2. Do daily exercise and meditation
    If you want to become a physically and mentally healthy person, then the easiest way to do this is through exercise and some time meditation.By doing many exercises, the composition of your body’s blood reaches your brain and by doing meditation, your body’s ability to focus increases, which has a very good effect in the neurons of the body.That is, by doing exercise and meditation, the ability of your mind and health increases and gives a great improvement in occurs As we age, the gray matter in the brain begins to decrease.which has a huge impact on me But due to my tension, the gray matter of the brain starts increasing.You can keep your memory long as you age by doing daily meditation.
  3. Be sure to pay attention to your diet
    Just like a wrestler takes a proper food to increase his physical capacity, similarly we have to absorb a good food system in our body to increase our brain capacity.To increase your brain power, you have to keep the level of Vitamin D parallel.Avoid eating too much sweet and salty things For this, you have to take green vegetables and nutrient-filled sarkaria and fruits in large quantities.You also have to take sago grains and dry food in the form of food in large quantities.You also need to drink the right amount of water every day

If you adopt proper sleep and your diet and all the information given by the rules, then maybe it will prove to be very effective in increasing your brain capacity.

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