How To Get Job In Google With Full Information

Today’s topic is to get a job  Google I think you don’t need to introduce Google to Google, kids know it Because everyone knows who to go to if they need help with anything And that is Google because Google is the largest search engine in the world.Whenever we have to get any information, then we go to only.



Have you ever wondered how Google cotton is the answer to our every question?
Behind this is the hand of the most intelligent person.who has solved all our problems Although today’s era is the age of machines But these machines have also been made by humans.and will continue to do
so Millions of people dream to get a job in Google It is said that more than 200,000 people apply every year to get a job in Google But only 5000 of these people get jobs.If you also want to work in google company So you must know how and from where to apply for it In today’s topic, we will tell you how to get a job in Google and how much salary you get in it and how much qualification you should have.
First let’s take some information about Google.
The name of the tech company comes first in one of the biggest companies of Google.Google was founded on 4 September 1998 .Google’s head office is located in California, USA Its branch s is present in many countries of the world.And at the same time, there are many Google Offices in our India mumbai, gurugram ,Bangalore and Hyderabad Google is not like any other normal company they are more innovative and their the main focus Sharing information with other organizations However as the growing phase they paying more attention to Because an employee is a core part of all organizations Working in companies like Google is like a dream come true for anyone Because in this, the job worker gets a good package with a lot of facilities.As I already told you that every year lakhs of people apply for jobs here but here only a few thousand people get elected With this, you can get an idea of ​​what kind of candidates are selected in this.Google employees are very confident And stay excited about your job as well as your company That’s why he works hard for this institution For this, Google gives good salary and bonus packages and various facilities.And also offers a variety of financial rewards Google for Bright and Talented Employees for their selection Conducts a placement process And it involves very tough tests and interviews

Eligibility and Criteria to Job in Google
Google company says that Googler That is, there is no one type of Google that all should have the same characteristics That’s why this company is looking for people who can bring a new perspective and new ideology to them.If you are looking for a place that fits your curiosity and a willingness to learn If you have such colleagues who are looking for as a team who are great thinkers to take on new and difficult challenges So you are a future Googler

And what should be the qualification to get a job in Google
To get a job in Google, you must have a B.Tech or MCA degree.You must maintain 65 percent marks throughout your academic career It means 10th 12th and B.Tech and m.c.a. You must have secured 65% marks in the degree Candidate should have complete knowledge of English language They should be able to communicate well in this language.internet web search online advertising fraud detection numerical analysis and And should have good knowledge about e commerce Candidate should be proficient in Mathematics Candidate should have a good grasp of Reasoning Bubble and Grammar A good communication skill like read should have good knowledge in the world and should have a good grip Candidates must have a good programming skill like cc plus plus java etc.Candidate should have good knowledge of software, hardware and computer

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What is job category in google
• first for engineering job in google software engineering static management Application Development Product Management etc.
• second is business For non technical job in google Quantity Business Analysis business operations management self strategy etc. is included
• Design UI Intersex in the Design Category User Experience designer UX Writer visual designer UX Research includes etc.

how to apply for job in google
You can apply in 3 ways to get a job in Google
1. apply using online website To get a job in Google, you have to go to Google and apply in Google’s website on Google’s There you can see different posts and different requirements for job upline Apply whatever job was your skill experience and match on your education You can also send your resume as per your qualification Keep in mind that your resume should be very impressive Then you will get call for interview otherwise it will be rejected
2. campus placement For this Google selects some famous college or university.Like IIT NIT DTU And so on
3. And the third one is such a pick APSE Test This exam is done online test by google Which is designed for the discovery of computer science or or talented This is a coding contest Organized by Google every year Those who are interested can apply for this exam The candidate passed in this exam are selected for job interview in google.www.googlcom

What happens after applying for a job in Google If Google thinks you can work with them after applying online then you get a call for interview In Google, the interview is sponsored by both the hang out phone or the computer exam.What body do you prefer if the recruiter is for a role?So the next step for them is an interview with you on google like computer exam or computer interview phone hang out Get an idea of ​​your knowledge of your role in the interview Data Structure from your Interview for the Technical Role and And some questions related to algorithms are asked You can also be prepared for a lot of coding and questions Behind each question an attempt is made to assess you So that you can get the right information about your talent After the telephonic interview, you are called to the Google office for an onsite interview.In which the general knowledge ability of the candidates is seen It also shows the quality of your leadership.Question is asked about job role related knowledge in order to find out that he is expert in his work or not and the googlyness that a person’s of a person’s personality ability to use and and clearly shows the reaction it is also seen You are given various situations in the interview.which the candidates have to solve and on the basis of that their questions have to be answered If you turn up in the interview then you are trained according to what you have After that you will be given the joining letter

how much is salary package in google
Google is as big a company as it is its big salary package.The salary package of Google employees is about one crore rupees annually.Along with good salary package in Google, you are also given many facilities.such as providing free food to employees Swimming pool to reduce work stress Relax House Gym medical help etc. is provided Google also allows its employees to work from home As per Google policy, if any member of the employee dies So Google gives half of his salary to the family.If their children are young, they are given $1000 per month up to 19In Google you get a chance to work with complete freedom And you are not even pressurized to work here Everyone wants to work in Google company, after seeing all these facilities, who would not want to work in this company? In this, he gets a good salary and his future is also made.

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