how to gain weight? weigt gain tips and its nutrients

What is the biggest problem in terms of weight in India is obese Here 5 out of every 10 people are obese But on the contrary there are many people who are very thin and no matter how much they eat they do not become fat In today’s article we will talk about this

What is it like to be underweight?

And why shouldn’t anyone be underweight Being underweight means that your BMI is below normal BMI means body mass index BMI shows one’s weight and height its formula is
BMI=KG/m2BMI is calculated so that so you can find out how healthy you are And that also tells you how much weight you need to lose and how much Now if your BMI is less than 18.5 then then you will be called underweight But not everything is done by BMI, it also has its drawbacks.In this only weight and height are seen some people don’t like muscles naturals are too thin but healthy Being underweight by BMI does not mean that that there is some problem with your health.


why are people underweight? people who are underweight and thin They are often considered malnourished The main reason for their being underweight low calorie intake Calories act as fuel in our body If You Are Underweight You May Have Some Health Issues such as delay in growth and development It is often seen in children and keep their body healthy Requires vitamins and nutrients
fragile bones If you have low tkbody weight as well as lack of vitamin D and calcium So it can lead to problem of Big Boss and Osteoporosis if you If you don’t take good nutrients So your body is not able to store energy Due to which if any virus or bacteria enters your body So your Umnity system cannot fight with it.

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anemia you are all familiar with it This condition occurs when iron, vitamins and nutrients in your body b12 that your body lacks Due to this lack of blood in the body, dizziness and fatigue problems like headache Fatalities Issues If You’re A Woman and you have low weight problem So you may also have problems with irregular periods and lack of fertility.Underweight people are more prone to hair loss This makes the teeth and gums very weak.But many underweight people are also physically healthy.The first region of all this is genetics.If you are skinny since childhood And everyone in your family has always been thin so Or have everyone in your family been thin to a certain age?and then get fat So for the same reason you are also thin and low rated The second reason is that hi physical activity If you are an athlete then you must be well aware How frequent workouts will affect your weight Similarly those who work in a rush all day long or whose field work is related to their weight is often less But he is strong and healthy inside The third reason is fatigue if you if you are constantly sick So it affects your body, makes you hungry.Feels low and your body’s immunity system gets spoiled The fourth major reason is medicines There are some such medicines and some such treatments.that makes us lose weight And the last area is psychological issues Our state of mind always affects our body and life Stress and depression affect our eating habits If you are stressed or depressed in any way, then you should consult a doctor.get your checkup done how can you gain weight Number one is milk, you get many types of new traces and vitamins from milk, which increases your body fat and also brings confidence in your body.We get carbohydrates and proteins in milk, It is very helpful in making the body healthy and in increasing weight.In addition, it is also rich in calcium.protein found in milk Good for those who want to increase their muscle mass Science’s strategy suggests that if you use a protein shake like milk instead of soy products after a workout, it will help you gain weight and increase your muscle mass.Anyone who wants to increase muscle mass and make their body healthy, then definitely include milk in your diet.Number two is protein shakeProtein shake is very easy for you and helps in increasing your body growth easily.Protein shake works only if you take it after workout Protein shakes contain a lot of sugar and I also add a lot of preservative-adding nutrients

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