how to control your mind.

Everyone is troubled in this world Depression is the main cause of trouble Depression eats away at the mind and doesn’t let us live in peace or let our minds be at peace Whenever our mind is submerged by some depression or trouble, it loses the power to think and keeps thinking about the same.In this way the activities of our body get spoiled and the mind of man becomes out of his control.

what to do to control your mind
Whenever we face any problem, our brain pays attention to it and concentrates on that thing and it loses the patience to think and stops working but keeps on battling with that problem.Problems have a deep effect on our mind, if we keep troubles in our mind, then the ability of our brain to work decreases.And our mind keeps thinking about that all day, which leads to a big depression.Its effect is not good for our health and physical function.To control our mind, we do not have to take small problems and big problems in our mind, but we have to solve them with patience and work on it.If we think about success then we will definitely get success and if we get troubled by that problem then we will never get success so that we will lose the balance 7 our mind.To control our mind, we need to exercise daily and We should talk to ourselves in a good open environment, this will give us the ability to know the power of our mind.Sometimes we should also see melodious music and different types of paintings.

Our brain is such a thing that with the help of small neurons, many types of information are kept in our brain, we can sit all the information of the world in our mind, but if we do not suffer from troubles. If you keep fighting it will never be possible to do this, we should be happy all the time We should always think calmly to calm our mind and solve problems Any kind of problem should not be taken deep in our mind, it has a deep effect on our mind and it remains involved in the functioning of our mind and body for a long time.
Whenever we go for a walk, we feel very happy in ourselves, so that our mind blossoms and the power of thinking also increases.A man should always lead a cheerful life because a cheerful life also affects the functioning of our body and the capacity of our mind also increases.Ideology should not be kept suppressed in your mind, every kind of ideology should be revealed in front of your friends and family so that its solution can be found.If we keep any depression or ideology suppressed in our mind, then it has a very deep effect in our mind.The depression that our mind is unable to bear and cannot concentrate in any other work and our work also gets spoiled.

Suppose we are going somewhere and there is a quarrel with some person and even if we resolve that quarrel and later our mind keeps thinking about the quarrel, then its effect remains in our mind for a long time.That is why in order to know the effect of the ability of the mind, we should think calmly with our mind and should never leave the things related to the accident at the accident site.Do not keep it sitting in your mind for a long time so that the working capacity of our brain is affected and it gets into deep thinking for a long time and our work is also bad.



Man should wake up every morning to exercise and breathe in the open air, so that there is an effect in our body parts and our mind also has a good effect.We should stay away from quarrels and fights or it spoils our work efficiency in life.Our character also deteriorates and it has a profound effect on our mind.
Humans should lead a vegetarian life because by leading a vegetarian life, the qualities of vegetarian fruits come in our body.A disturbed current flows in the mind of those who consume or consume alcohol and meat and fish in their food.And many types of wrong and inverted questions and answers come to their mind, it turns the direction of the mind on the other side.Vegetarian life plays a good role in our body. Eating vegetarian food gives us a good impact in our life.Eating non-vegetarian has a bad effect on our body.

To control our mind, we must also think with our heart.The mind allows us to do the same thing that we like and before doing any work, we must think about its bad and good and back and forth What are the advantages and disadvantages of this work?If we do some work without thinking, then we will get good result if its result is bad then we will have to suffer very bad.That is why before doing any work, your mind should calmly think towards the direction of working on that task.


Humans should always think positive to control their mind because with positive thinking we increase our ability and tolerance to work on that task if we will keep positive thinking about that work. only then we will be able to accomplish that task If we keep negative thinking about that work in our mind before doing any work, then we will be afraid of that work without doing that work.And we will never be able to awaken the ability to do that work in our mind so that we will run away from that work.Positive Thinking Increases Our Brain’s Tolerance…

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To keep our mind calm and to control our mind, we also need good sleep. If we do not take good sleep, then the thinking power of our brain decreases and it has a bad effect on our brain.To get good sleep, we should always sleep after 10:00 pm and we should take proper 7 to 8 hours of sleep.This increases the thinking ability of our brain When we are in deep sleep, we dream so that we also get good sleep, whenever we are in deep sleep, we will definitely dream When we get a good sleep, we feel refreshed after waking up in the morning.Which gives peace to our mind and also increases the ability of our body to work, doesn’t it?And our mind thinks seriously on some task and it also executes on the task ,,

We also have to take good care of our food, if we take fresh food, then its effect in our body is very good.If we eat rotten throat and stale food, then it has a very bad and deep effect in our body, due to which we get various diseases.When our body is sick it has a bad effect on our body and our body becomes weak A healthy person’s ability to work and think is considered very good.A sick person’s ability to work and think; The disease of his body keeps him occupied so that his work also suffers.
us before doing any work and before doing it We need to think deeply about it, it is good to have a good idea about it so that we can avoid the bad effects of the work to be done….


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