How to Become a Raw Agent

Whenever we hear about a RAW agent So we start to feel like James Bond Same risk and passion starts failing who felt like james bond A RAW agent is like James Bond to us Those who put their lives at risk to save the country in every difficult situation.and doesn’t care And they have a huge contribution in the security of our country.

Some RAW Agent of our India Country Ravindra Kaushik, RNCAO, Anil Dhasmana, Ajit DoBal , Ravindra Singh and MK Dhar ,,These are some of the names that have contributed to the country acted like a hero Cause it’s no less than James Bond And these have been the great RAW agents of the country So if you too r.a.w. own the agent Understands the Idol and himself becomes a RAW agent for the security of the country if you want to stand You need to know how to become an RAW agent And what are the duties to be fulfilled as an RAW Agent For this today in this article you will know that How to become a RAW Agent And what are the circumstances a RAW agent has to go through

What is R A W?
RAW is an intelligence agency of India Whose full name is Research and Analysis Wing and this agency India’s international secret variable organization is This agency was established in 1968Its head quarter is in New Delhi.RAW Information Gathering Terrorism The agency responsible for preventing and carrying out covert operations is

Some important operations of this agency
• Operation Meghdoot
• Operation Cactus
• Operation Smiling Buddha
• Operation Chanakya

This organization is outside the Right to Information Act And there is no answer even to the MP ( member of parliament) is responsible only to the Prime Minister Knowing what R A W is,

do you know what R A W is?

how do i get recruited Protecting the country by becoming an RAW agent is a big deal. have a responsibility That’s why the process of becoming an RAW agent is very difficult.Initially r.a.w. Only trained intelligence officers were recruited in This office searches blogs from the external wings of the Intelligence Bureau.After this, the Military Police Indian Services Indian Revenue Services started requesting candidates.

In 1983 r.a.w. formed its own service cadre named Research and Analysis Service for recruitment to the post of RAW Agent Have to go through written exam and interview After this, the candidate will be called Group A Civil Services falling under the Central Staffing Scheme.Which will have to be given only after clearing all the steps Qualified candidate r.a.w. Can give written exam of These candidates must have 20 years of service experience

Do you know how RAW agent training is done?
Training of Heroes who protect the country from all internal and external threats very tough and strong Because they have to work in high risk condition And hiding your identity has to carry out the work They are also given basic and advanced training.Basic training of an RAW agent is only 10 days In which these r.a.w. is introduced to the real voice of During this space technology information security Energy Security scientific knowledge financial economics and Geo Strategic Analysis is explained and other country’s intelligence agency like C I A ,MI6 , ISI , Case studies are also conducted After completion of basic training Advance training is In which they are sent to the Field Intelligence Bureau i.e. FIB Is sent And this training is for 1 to 2 years.Here they are told that How to live in cold area and forest How Covert Operations Are Managed how to avoid getting caught How to face interrogation if caught during investigation Operating the mission requires all the necessary skills like making is given to them So that he can become a trained and skilled RAW agent An RAW agent always has to be ready to go on missions And preparations have to be made to go from here to there even on short notice.They also  have to keep their identity hidden from their family and friends.RAW gents job is not a permanent job

To become an RAW agent, it is necessary to have many being able to interact with people easily great communication skills self management self motivation professionalism Personal Inter Inter Gate And there should be passion for the security of the country

Read must
What is the eligibility to become a RAW Agent?
• To become a RAW agent, a candidate must be an Indian citizen.
• Candidate should not have any criminal background
• Candidate should not be addicted to drugs
• Candidate should have good education record
• Candidate should have good education from a reputed university
• Candidate should have command over at least one foreign language
• Candidate should have 20 years of service experience

It is a matter of pride in itself to be an RAW Agent But you think of becoming a RAW agent only when you have a place to do something for the country You can work hard, you can handle yourself in difficult situations And without any fame and stardom like an ordinary man, you can prepare to carry out your mission.

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