how to become a good rank holder how to bring concentration in studies

Everyone wants to be successful in life by doing education and standing on one's own feet and wants to become a good and truthful man.It is everyone's dream that after studying and writing, he should get a good bank and get a job in some good place or do business somewhere or dedicate himself in the service of his country.
Everyone wants to be good by doing studies but not everyone gets it, the main reason for this is that he is not able to make a firm determination on his studies and neither does he focus.If we do not want to get good in studies, then we have to study day and night one by one, we have to study each subject closely one by one and revise it and increase our efforts to a higher level.What kind of study is that which can make you successful in life and never let you down, always you get respect everywhere.Everyone tries to achieve success in some field by doing studies, it depends on his hard work.It is not a matter of everyone to get a good rank in their college or school days by studying because if they do not work hard then it is impossible to get a good rank in studies.
The student who takes his studies seriously and focused in it every day and after studying every subject, revises it closely and repeats it again and again, that student always gets bright and good marks gets it
To get a good rank, a student should always study keeping his goal in the target.The student should fall in solitude, there should not be any noise and pudding so that his mind does not wander here and there while studying.Do not disturb your mind while studying, always keep your mind in one direction and always focus on studies only then you will be able to become a good rank holder The student who sets-top the state level or national level is confident in studies there and after going through all kinds of difficulties, he deserves that rank with a lot of hard work and also gets it.

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Whenever you sit to study, the only thing you have to think about is that I have to follow 1 routine each day.If a student makes a routine of his studies, then he always follows that routine, then he will definitely achieve his goal in 1 day To study and write, you always need concentration and peace of your mind, if we live in a peaceful environment and do studies, then we remember more what the students are studying. shows laziness he never deserves a good rank and his studies are poor so that he is not able to ambush his target.

To become a good rank holder, we have to go through various difficulties in which we have to follow a difficult routine and follow it respectfully.We should follow a good routine so that we have a bright future in the coming times and we become a good rank holder.Whenever a student is the topper of his college or university, he is honored, not everyone is able to achieve this honor, but if the student concentrates his mind, then he will definitely will become a rank holder

Education has its place and home, family happiness and prosperity have its place, that is why while studying, we should focus only on studies keeping the sorrows of family and family behind so that we and our mind remember him calmly.


The identity of a successful student is his strict rules and regulations, which he follows every day.We should take studies in a serious mode, many students are not interested in studies and they focus on sports all the time and keep thinking about things here and there. Worry does not hurt at all, he pays attention to things here and there and his future gets spoiled.When a student does not remember something, even after studying it again and again, then that method should be changed to another method of study.Like let’s say we watch a movie, we play it wherever we see it, we remember what will happen on the scene next to it.Our mind is very observational, which quickly remembers the things of painting and we are not able to remember the bread things.That’s why we should study according to the date like interesting and film.Whenever a student has interest in studies, then you become an expert in that study and get your degree in that subject.
The hallmark of a good student is that he never sets his mind on anything other than his discipline.Discipline is the thing that teaches us that doing the work at the right time will bring us proper success.

A student without discipline is a failure because if he does not worry about discipline in his mind, then his future will be very bad going forward.Whenever a student works hard and gets the position of a good rank holder and a good student, it is the hard work behind him.People who work hard and those who try never fail, a person with negative thinking gets as much as the people who try and work hard leave behind Therefore, what we do not remem7ber, what we are not able to do, we should make it simple again and again.So that we do not have to face any dilemma while doing that thing and it should not be difficult.A student who follows a routine always gets up early in the morning and focuses on his studies and repeats it every day.He does his studies at the right time, does all the important work at the right time and after having dinner he goes to sleep at the right time.Whenever we take while studying or we fall asleep at the same place while studying, then the ability to sleep increases the concentration of our mind and we remember that thing for a long time.

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