how to be an obedient student

Not everyone is obedient in their class and school He forgets to respect his elders and keeps on pouring the words of his teachers.Not every student obeys the words and orders of his teachers.Here it depends on the behavior of the student The kind of education that students get from their parents, they also do the same process outside.

to be an obedient student
To become a future student, we have to work very hard and manage our conduct.Because it takes you years to earn respect and you never miss a few minutes to earn your respect.A forward student is the one who obeys the orders of his masters and elders by understanding every order of their elders and their good and bad.that is respected in the field An obedient student is always respected, he is respected in every field because everyone knows his character.When an obedient person does not dictate what his masters say, he is highly respected.To become an obedient student, we should respect the younger elders and all those teachers who are worshipped.It is our birthright to serve and obey the gurus and it also shows our conduct.Not everyone is able to learn to do proof of character because character is that part of a person, that person has to be respected in every field and the process of seeing good people.Not everyone can improve his character because somewhere everyone makes a mistake, due to which his character gets tainted.All stains in the character of a student So his student career gets spoiled And there he is not able to continue his further studies from this characterless That is why it is very important for us to improve our character.


What is the role of character in ordinary life
In ordinary life a man has to prove in his character what he is different from Character is the only evidence that shows the quality of a person.No one respects a characterless person, he is humiliated in every field because he does not know how to respect good, bad and small elders, that is a character person.Everywhere is respected and respected Character reflects the lifestyle of a human, what kind of education he receives from his parents, parents are the biggest teachers for us.The kind of character and education a person receives from his parents and the kind of education he receives, the same kind of character and education he deserves to give to others.

Also read..If a person gives proof of his character even by shouting, no one will believe him.Time itself tells the extent of character and shows how uncharacteristic that person is and how much character

To become a respectable and obedient student, we have to respect our elders and our teachers.A respected student never avoids the talk of his elders and teachers.An obedient person and an obedient student have the same lifestyle, they regularly get help from every human and their teachers.

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