how our daily life should be,,,,?

Everyone should lead a planned life That is why it is very important to follow the routine in life, it reflects your lifestyle.Without discussion, once you practice living a life, things become easy.

how should you spend your life in the morning
To make our life easy, every day from morning till night we are required to follow the discussion one day.We have to get up from our bed early in the morning before the sun rises You should drink some water after getting up and then walk for a while so that you feel refreshed.Waking up in the morning and walking is very stimulating The fresh air of the morning gives a new energy and strength in our life to keep us active for the whole day.After that we should have breakfast and sitting in solitude we should concentrate on our study In the morning we should study for at least 3 hours, after that we should take bath and leave for our school.Our school was also about 1 mile away, I cover the distance here on foot, many children cover this distance by bicycle.

In school we should work very cautiously and be alert We should never be absent in school because it spoils our behavior and also affects our studies.There are many such students in the school who do not behave well, they keep making noise throughout the day and they do not feel like studying, we should stay away from that type of students.By the way, students sometimes take naps in class and they do not have complete attention in studies, some are always talking here and there.We should completely ignore their indiscipline work and neither should we meet and sit with them, we should stay away from them We should not stay with such friend boys because if we meet with them then our time will also be wasted like them We should make sure use of our time because time is very important for us, the time which has passed once is not going to come again, that is why we should give direction to the work according to the time.

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We should respect our teachers and do all the class work and follow their orders.We should participate in all kinds of sports competitions in the school, this has a good effect on the talent of our school and we also get to learn something new.When school closes I go home right away After school is closed we should not pick up there rather we should return home and focus on the homework given to us and work on it

evening time day routine
We should wash our hands immediately after returning from school and we should change our school uniform and come in our normal clothes and go to play in the field after taking light refreshments We must participate in all sports according to the season Football in summer and cricket in winter or is our favorite pastime, we should be interested in playing because it keeps us healthy and full.

night time routine
When the sun sets completely sets then we should return home when it is dark As soon as you return home, you should change your clothes and take some rest and sit down to study and study regularly for 3 hours before seriousness.After studying we should have our dinner and immediately go to sleep in our bed.At night we should sleep in our bed before 10:00 o’clock because if we do not sleep early then we will not be able to get up early in the morning and will not be able to get refreshed, our sleep will also not be complete, we have to sleep almost every day. must sleep irregularly

In short, this is the kind of daily life we ​​should adopt When Sunday is a day except other holidays, we should follow the discussion on all the days, these days the pre-requisite work should be changed a little, on Sunday, some time should be spent in the flower and always Keep yourself busy Must be punctual

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