How much and how important role do trees play for

without which we can not live and that is tree plant Tree The God of the Environment When you ask a person about trees and plants, his answer The child stays with the

child what is a tree plant Then there is the essential thing of our nature, which do the main job of providing life on earth, oxygen and water.What do trees and plants do not give us, they give living beings a house to live in, they give fruit for their food.Trees provide breathing air to humans by absorbing carbon dioxide found in the give oxygen And the most important thing about a tree plant is that It fills our earth and makes it beautiful and pure.

Trees play a huge role in purifying air, water and soil.Because of this, the earth becomes a better place to live in The people of earlier times used to spend their life among the trees and plants.and stay healthy and happy But in today’s time no person likes to live among trees and plants.But that doesn’t mean that you can survive without trees.Tree plant is the existence of our life without it it is impossible to imagine life on earth That is why trees are also considered as the God of the environment.without which nothing on earth can be imagined

what do trees do for us
Earth is the only planet discovered so far in the entire universe The only planet where life forms are trees and plants Trees are the gift of nature for which there is no alternative The trees we plant don’t only benefit us Rather, many generations to come get its benefits and fruits.Trees purify the environment by helping us reduce air pollution The more trees there are, the more pure the environment will be.Tree roots bind the soil which does not cause soil erosion Along with this, trees absorb ground water.This water becomes underground water and saves us humans from lack of water.Trees provide us shade and also protect the earth from the effects of heat.Trees give us fruits and provide food for living beings on earth.Every part of a tree definitely gives something to the living beings.Its stem leaves flowers fruit joints etc.all are useful to mankind Even today the work of decorating the houses is done with the wood of the trees.Chairs, tables and beds and medicines are also obtained from trees.tree us oxygen cool air fruit spices vegetable medicine water wood fuel for burning Houses made of shade wood give many useful things like fodder for animals etc Trees enhance the greenery and beauty of the earth Trees and plants are as valuable as gold for the living beings on the earth, in the same way it is also called green gold on the earth.

what do we do with trees
Maybe it doesn’t need to be answered But it is very important to tell so that we know exactly what we are doing Trees and plants are a boon for all living beings and humans on earth.But we are forcing that boon to turn into a curse for ourselves.Trees are cut indiscriminately regardless of nature Due to which the balance of nature is also deteriorating and we are inviting the problem of pollution like global warning for our destruction.The reason for planting trees is cutting So that we can make a house for ourselves at that place, As the number of industrial is increasing, the number of trees is decreasing.We think that cutting down just a few trees will not have any effect on nature.But the truth is that when a tree is cut If we don’t plant a new tree in its place, it will make a big difference between us and the life of animals.When a tree is cut, not only one life is cut, but all the things that come from it and the vegetation that grows on it.Herbs Medicinal Elements Animals Birds Living on Trees and Insects and insects, which depend their life on that tree, all of them are destroyed.

In fact, we do nothing for what a tree does for us.Trees give up their lives for our use But yes, I do not even intend to plant a small tree for him.So our attitude towards us is causing our destruction The root cause of indiscriminate deforestation is increasing population, urbanization and industrialization.For this reason, there is a problem of pollution in the brothers’ circle, which means that there is a severe flood, dryness, earthquake, landslide and it keeps on increasing Due to the lack of trees and pollution, many species of animals are becoming extinct.If this presentation is coming then gradually the balance of nature will deteriorate.Thus there will be neither life nor life on this earth.And now if we talk about how this tree works, then the tree gives us oxygen, we use it while breathing and when we exhale, carbon dioxide comes out by us. After the release of carbon dioxide, it gets absorbed in the tell rag and this gas is absorbed by the tree so that it can make oxygen for us.trees are called autotrophs because they make their own food And at the same time the food of other animals is also made.Trees and plants make their food today by following this process This process is called photosynthesis In this process trees take water from their roots.And the leaves of the tree take the sun’s rays and and absorbs carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere When the sun’s energy reaches the leaves And this process of water coming from the force is divided into two separates hydrogen gas and oxygen gas After that carbon dioxide gas is separated and it mixes with hydrogen gas.makes oxygen pure which becomes edible for the plant after some time and whatever remaining oxygen is left there to the atmosphere so that we can get full amount of oxygen In this way trees maintain the balance between us and nature.

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Why trees are important for our nature
Trees are a unique gift of nature where more trees The climate there remains more clean and balanced Trees are worshiped in our country of India.They are given their own respect as is given to a human being.We have to understand the importance of trees Because it is the protector of the whole nature As long as trees and plants remain on the earth, there will be life on earth.Without these the earth would become a dry and barren planet Trees provide pure oxygen by absorbing the contaminant gases and carbon dioxide found in our environment.It works on air pollution and noise pollution and bless us it is a boon for us Lack of trees leads to an increase in deep li gases And that’s what causes air pollution We get valuable herbs from trees

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