How food is useful for us What are the types of food What role does food play in our life

who doesn’t like to eat food Everyone likes food, when we feel hungry, we crave for a full meal.Many people are fond of food, who eat food not out of hobby but with pleasure.Eating strengthens our body and improves the healthy process of the body.Food fills everyone’s stomach and gives him satisfaction man cannot live without eating Food is very useful not only for humans but also for all living beings and bacteria living on the’s hard to live without food There are many types of food and there are many types of eaters.In this article, we will learn some important things about food.

why food is important to us
Food and drink are necessary for us in this way we cannot live without oxygen and food cannot live without water either.Because the fuel needed to run the body and the energy we get by the same name since we say food The food includes a variety of delicious dishes and fruits, vegetables etc.Most of the people make their living by eating pulses and rice.And very few people get delicious and royal enjoyment We don’t have to work hard to eat food ask the price of food to a person who has been hungry for many days Nowadays food is wasted so much that many people crave for that food.Ordinary person can’t eat good food The main reason for this is his monthly earnings.An ordinary person makes his living by eating lentils, rice and roti.and also feeds all the members of his family.

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what are the types of food
There are many types of food, it includes different types of dishes, vegetables, fruits, salads and delicious things.Out of which simple food which is made in our house, dal rice roti and delicious food which is called by all include vegetarian non vegetarian In Italian food, vegetarian food like fruits and vegetables are green vegetables.And non-vegetarian also contains meat, fish, egg and different types of vegetables which are non-vegetarian.There are many types of flavors found in food Food is prepared using different types of vegetables and spices.Various spices are added to make the vegetable tasty and fun.If spices are not used to make a vegetable tasty, then that vegetable does not become good to eat.The type of fresh spices and different things are included in it to cook and the vegetable becomes delicious..[1]

What are the types of people who eat food and what type of food they like
Everyone likes food but not everyone has the habit of eating delicious and tasty food and they like to eat simple food.In simple food, you will get dry vegetables, roti, lentils, paneer and various non-delicious things, which include greens, vegetables and fruits.Many person are fond of food who are vegetarian.This type of person always takes vegetarian food only.
Many people are also carnivores and omnivores who like different types of hymns.In non-vegetarian, you include meat fish, paneer and meat related dishes of Karata.People who eat non-vegetarian food take all kinds of food.Everyone has a different mindset and taste for delicious food.Out of which many people are non-vegetarian and vegetarian.Vegetarian food also has as much power as non-vegetarian food Food is very important for our body we cannot live without food.We always live for food and not for life because food is very important for us Everyone respects food and should Because food satisfies everyone’s hunger When a person is hungry, his body’s ability to process decreases, his mind also becomes calm.He loses his ability to think and keeps thinking about food Feels irritable and wanders around in search of food The person becomes calm only after eating a full stomach.

what is food waste
There are many people who do not lack anything And there are many people who do not even have proper food every day.People who have a lot of money and property, they never have shortage of food.Those individuals eat delicious food and their families also take advantage of the delicious food Due to the cost of food, the poor person is unable to eat good food.And a rich rich man can taste all kinds of food Nowadays people who have no shortage of rich Rich people waste food like we waste water while taking bath They waste food in different ways in big reception parties and birthday parties.and throw the food that is left in the dustbin Whereas by eating the children thrown in this dustbin, the stomach of the people of the country and the hungry poor children can also be filled.But they don’t do it and ruin it In this way the rich and wealthy person wastes food.Many poor people and children also give up their lives due to lack of food, malnutrition.Many animals and people lose their lives due to hunger.

What is found in food items and how does it strengthen our body
Food dishes include a variety of delicious things Various types of vitamins and minerals and proteins are also found in them, which we get the benefit of.A healthy person always needs good food And food plays a very important role in the life of a healthy is essential Everyone dedicates his life to food and keep working hard A person works in difficult circumstances and hard work to feed his family.The food also includes fruits, flowers, vegetables and nuts, meat, fish and many liquid foods.Which we keep our body strong and healthy by including it in our dishes.Everyone has the habit of eating fresh Fresh fruits and vegetables make our body healthy and strong Not everyone gets good and tasty food Due to inflation, the price of food items is increasing, which also includes fruits and vegetables.Everyone can eat dal, rice, roti, but he will have to pay a lot of money for good vegetables and good fruits and my food.Due to inflation, a person is not able to get good food.


How food is useful for us and how food is misused for us
Everything has a quantity and it has a limit If something goes according to its quantity and its right limit, then it is good.And if something goes out of bounds, it has a very bad effect on us.In this way there is also a limit to eat food.If the food is eaten properly and it is used according to the limit So it proves useful to us And if the food is eaten by stigmatizing its quantity and its limit, then it proves to be harmful for us.If we take food according to a limit, then it gives our body a strong and healthy body.And on the contrary, if we take food wrongly or violate its limits, then it is very harmful for us.

Nowadays a person is so busy in his work that he cannot even imagine good food there.and gives more attention to outside hymns, leaving food at home Different types of dishes are prepared in hotels outside.Food has become a business nowadays You can earn a good amount by opening a hotel Not everyone is able to eat home food on time, but the person needs to eat, due to which he is forced to eat food from hotels there.In this way, if you open a hotel and include food in your business, then the person becomes rich soon.Everyone likes delicious and variety of food Delicious food is not made in everyone’s house and not everyone is able to cook delicious food For which every person uses food made from outside Homemade food is good for our body does not contain adulterated substances Because in home cooked food, we cook it according to our own accord and use everything in equal quantity on it.Outside food is harmful for us Because outside food is included in the business to make it tasty and without delicious food a person does not spend his money In this way, different types of wrong things and spices are used in it to make the food tasty.Just as we should stay away from outside hymns

Food is very useful for us, it increases our ability to process the body and keeps the body healthy.If we return home with money from somewhere, then we get hungry very fast.for which we seek food And whenever we get a good food, we eat it and satisfy our hunger.Eating good food makes us and our family feel very happy Good food makes our body strong and healthy And increases the ability of our body to fight against many types of disease resistance.we need good sleep with good food To digest good food we need to work hard Many foods are such that we are unable to digest them in our body by consuming them, whose side effects have a deep effect in our body and changes start taking place in our is essential for everyone

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