Different types of different seasons in India ….

India is a very big continent, it has four seasons according to the season.of which it is covered in sand
1. summer season
2. Rainy Season
3. winter season
4. spring season.

Different seasons have their own special beauty and charm Sweet mangoes are available in summer,The rainy season gives life to the earth and gives us relief,and winter makes us happy every season is good

Different types of people like different season Everyone has their own likes and dislikes I like spring the most among all season Most of the people like rainy season Or is the favorite season of poets, it is called the queen of seasons.

spring comes after winter or starts in mid-February and lasts till mid-April When spring comes, the earth looks beautiful and attractive New leaves come out in the trees, the natural looks attractive Many beautiful flowers bloom in this season Beautiful roses captivate us When we return in February we are free to bask in the bright colors of flowers.
spring is the season of beautiful flowers Bees are very busy in this season In this season the bee goes from flower to flower in search of honey.In this season, we get to see different types of species, out of which beautiful butterflies are also seen flying.Beautiful butterflies attract us a lot.

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3 days of spring are very happy Spring is neither hot nor known, it is very enjoyable or good for health.Beautiful sounds are heard in the spring The bees making money in the flower garden make us happy The cuckoo bird goes mad with joy We get mesmerized by the heads of bees In the morning and evening we hear the beautiful voices of six birds on the trees.

It is a pleasant feeling to walk in the crop fields in the spring Green environment is visible everywhere and greenery is seen in the trees and plants, due to which our mind feels very joyful and happy.The yellow flowers of mustard flutter in the wind, the earth, the wind, wears the clothes, changes it from spring to heaven.

Most people like spring because Cause there’s so much joy here everyone hates him because of the extreme cold of winter And we are afraid of the scorching summer sun And all hate the mud and dirt of the rain Spring is the only season that is attractive This season brings extraordinary beauty and charm That’s why it is liked by many people and is loved by many people.

Seeing the beauty of spring, many people forget their worries and troubles.

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