Differences between Town Life and Village Life

  • Town life .
    Civil life is full of glitter and very tempting There are huge and grand buildings, wide roads, electric lights, water canals, some decorated shops, fast rides, libraries, parks, cinemas etc.There are factories in big cities too This thing dazzles the eyes of the city’s Ang Tuco there’s something new here People’s dress is different, the nature here is different in Bhind and also in gait and speech.The day is also different they spend evenings in the park library or in the cinema From time to time the circus drama party or else performance or comes to town and presents the material of the mind of the people There are also football tennis cricket matches, public gatherings and speeches of celebrities.There is a complete lack of all these things in the village.In the midst of all these things the city dwellers lose their souls I kind of convert into a machine
    Advantage & Disadvantage of Civil and village life
    Civil life is good for rich people Poor people have to suffer a lot in the city they have to live in dirty houses it becomes difficult for them to manage the expenses Despite all these facilities, the poor have to live in the city.There are many types of resources of common man in Bihar.There are many good businesses in the city They also manage to earn a living for a large number of people.
  • Village life
    on the other hand rural life is simple and simple There is no noisy head here, there is peace and stability in everything.people have direct contact with natural Much of their time is spent in the care of farms and animals.Vedas are religious in nature I praise God and spend my time praying They consume clean air, they get half the amount of pure food and milk.They have fresh vegetables and also get fruits.
  • Disadvantages
    There are many facilities in the village, there are no good doctors in the village, for this they have to go to the city.That’s why many people die due to lack of proper medical care.There is a lot of dirt in the village illiteracy is also There are very few libraries out there In the absence of all these people remain superstitious, they fight among themselves and spend their time in unnecessary gossip.

  Must read

Both the city and the village are useful in their own way. The village teaches and gives clothes to the people. A small one provides education and culture.There is a lot of difference between the two in terms of convenience of life.Or the gap should be removed or reduced, the things used by their brothers living in the city should be used by the villagers too

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