Biography of Mahatma Gandhi

Birth place of Mahatma Gandhi
Mohandas karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869 in a respectable vaishya family of porbandar state in kathiyawad. His parents were
Well to do people.His father karamchand Uttam Chand Gandhi held a high and responsible post in the porbandar state.


Education and early character
He received his early education at the local primary and high school. After passing the entrance examination he went to England to qualify himself for legal profession. He was truthful and honest from his very childhood. He was very careful about his character.

his life in south africa
After qualifying himself for the legal profession he returned to India and started practice in the Bombay high court he went to nuthall in South Africa to appear in a case of his client there he saw how the Indians were subjected to to utter humiliation. By the European population of South Africa. Establised nuthall Indian Congress. Under auspices he led an agitation for the removal of those disabilities from which the Indians were suffering. He invented the new weapon of Satyagraha. He fought with his weapon tenaciously ke safar impresionment but he stuck to his resolve. His efforts meet with a great success there.

his life in bihar
The European indigo planters in Bihar were oppressing the tenants very much. Mahatma Gandhi transport his activities to motihari he took up the cause of the indigo cultivators his intervention brought about a settlement between them.

Congress on the way to becoming the leader of
Mahatma Gandhi started his age non cooperation Movement in 1921. Since then he led the Indian National Congress. The Indian National Congress went on gaining strength under his able guidance he led various struggles from time to time for the independence of the country the country reached its goal under his able guidance.

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The reason for his being called Mahatma
Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest son of India.Nay he was one of the greatest man the world has ever produced. He was great not because of his politics. His greatness lies in his moral Outlook of life. Truth was not a virtue or idea for him. It was the very breath of his life. It is this is which arm is with the invisible power possessed. He feared nobody he was prepared to face the mightiest power of the Earth for the cause of truth and Justice. He made an intensive study of the Gita and followed its teaching in practical life.

their important work
Mahatma Gandhi succeeded in bringing about the political salvation of India. He wanted to see the Supremacy of truth and nonviolence in the whole world unfortunately the world is inclined otherwise today but the future of the world can be saved only when it follows the path shown by him. Any other course is perilous.

place and time of his death
He was shot dead while going to attend a prayer meeting on the 13th of January 1948 at Delhi India the whole world is poorer. today on account of his death may his soul rest in peace.

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